Okay, so you decided that you want to go to Graduate School. Congrats!

But now, you have to take the GRE. No sweat, right? It's basically like the ACT on steroids. No biggie. BUT WAIT. What is this subject GRE? Not all schools require this but, shocker, it is highly encouraged. As if keeping a high GPA, having thousands of volunteer hours, 20 extracurricular activities, years of research experience, and trying to keep yourself from falling apart isn't enough, now you have a whole other entrance exam to worry about. In my case, I'm aiming to go to a graduate program in psychology, so guess who gets to take the psychology subject GRE. That's right! It's me!

Here's just some of the things that have gone through my head, and some of the ridiculous things I have done to prepare for this thing, and some helpful hints.

1. I bought prep books, note cards, and exams

Now, this isn't really a bad thing. But I literally have every single thing that was on Amazon that related to this exam, and I still have yet to notice a difference between any of the books. ALSO, read all of the reviews on each of them, and trust me, there are plenty. But, really the only thing that has helped me are the exams. Do not ever rely solely on one method though. You are likely to miss out on something.

2. I read each chapter in the books at least twice.

Repetition is never really a bad thing, but it might be a tad excessive. TAKE NOTES, and understand the material when you read through the first time. Do not just keep reading it just to read it.

3. Why is there a whole separate test for this?

I'm a psychology major but, an exam over everything is rough, especially when you haven't taken an intro psych course in 5 years. But, I'm actually using all of my AP Psych material from HS, so shout out to my psych teacher form HS. I most likely won't remember a lot of the information that I re-learned a week after the exam. I would much rather tell you about everything I know about the field I want to work in, or want to do research in.

4. Do I even need to study?

Not going to lie, there are a lot of things that I skimmed over because I feel like I remember it, and then I figure that the exam can't be that bad until I see names that I know I should know. I totally blanked at Chomsky. So, don't stress the things you know, and devote that time to the things you don't know/don't remember. Bottom line is: YOU SHOULD STUDY, and DO NOT CRAM.

5. Try to remain calm.

You can retake this exam! DO NOT FREAKOUT. But that is easier said than done! Meditate, take a walk, watch Netflix, and breathe. You need to give your brain a rest, and take a break.


Put little motivational quotes in your study book or whatever else you use, along with your planner. YOU CAN DO IT!

7. Is there a limit of pencils to should bring?

The limit does not exist. Same thing goes for erasers.