23 Things I Won't Miss About Villanova Over Summer Break
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23 Things I Definitely Won't Miss About Villanova Over Summer Break


23 Things I Definitely Won't Miss About Villanova Over Summer Break
Katie Coviello

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my school and could probably cry right now (yep it's happening) at the thought of leaving it for summer and leaving it for good in a year. It has brought so many things that I am so utterly grateful for: a best friend/roommate, amazing clubs/activities, the best friends in the world, and a pretty cool boyfriend (and Cova southwest sauce/sunset church pics). That being said, I'd be lying if I said I loved ~everything~ about my school. So while I'll probably cry a lot when I move out, here are 23 things I won't be too sad about leaving behind for 3 months.

Missing the shuttle during a literal MONSOON (or just when I'm running late in the morning and need to get from west to driscoll in 4 minutes)

That dreadful time of year when they turn off the AC but you so desperately need it


When you just miss "walk sign is on" and have to stand at the crosswalk forever until it cycles back to letting you cross

Holy Grounds being out of iced green tea

Holy Grounds having the longest line of the century during class change

Holy grounds running out of bagels before 10 am

JK Cova having the longest line of the century during lunch

When Cova runs out of southwest sauce :/

When you hear that the spicy chicken sandwich is the special in conn but they run out before you get there

A day when you see absolutely no good boys/puppers/doggos

Walking up to the fourth floor of tolentine

Running out of points far too soon in the semester

Mid-term week/finals week/hell week

Trying to find a dress for a function that somebody else won't have and that won't break the bank

The. Pit. 

The 3rd and 4th floor of the library 

Kelly's when it has a line around the corner and you then have to pay cover because you get in past 12

 DJ Paco when he thinks that playing the entire Grease soundtrack is a good idea

Accidentally tripping on the Oreo stairs

The fact that all of the seniors are g-wording in a few weeks :(

When all the laundry machines are FULL and you end up touching someones laundry

When you actually make the shuttle but it's a literal clown car and you have to stand and pray you don't fall on the person behind you 

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