These Are The Best People You'll Meet In College

9 Wonderful People You're Likely To Meet In College— If you're Lucky

While there are the ~questionable~ folk you'll come across at one point or another there are a lot of wonderful people you'll meet as well.


Two weeks ago I wrote an article 9 Questionable People You Will Undoubtedly Meet In College and since I'm not one to be totally negative (although I do falter at times) I decided to spin that article into a positive light. While there are the ~questionable~ folk you'll come across at one point or another there are a lot of wonderful people you'll meet as well.

So I give to you 9 Wonderful People You're Likely To Meet In College:

1. At least one of your new best friends

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College is a whole new realm when compared to the typical sociality of high school. To some extent, college is self selective. From that reasoning, people at your university should have some similarities to you. Not to mention the fact you're all, likely, living away from home for the first time in your lives—no simple feat. Hardship breeds friendship.

2. Yourself in the form of another human

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AKA your friendship soulmate. It's pretty odd to meet someone who so closely resembles you in more ways than one. You're likely to go to a college much larger than your high school, so the odds of you meeting people with similarities to you goes up exponentially.

3. A professor or TA whose ideas and sentiments are the most profound words you’ve ever heard

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While there are a fair share of less than quality scholars, there are also the few that leave you in awe of their intelligence. Often these professors, TAs, etc… come along when you least expect them. One of my favorite professors just so happened to be my GE Life Science teacher (and life science is far from my favorite subject).

4. Wonderfully true-to-themselves people

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In a world shrouded by the facade of social media, photo editing and hiding behind your computer screen, it is so refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely, 100%, no bullshit, themself. This person doesn't care what the "norm" is an just walks to their own beat, odds are you'll feel empowered to care about your reputation a little less when you befriend this person (But dear God don't wind up shaving your head like Britney).

5. An S.O. you genuinely clique with

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I'm not saying you're going to or even likely to meet the love of your life in college (Please don't hold me accountable if your hopes get let down), but odds are you will have some experience dating seriously or casual during your time at university. As with meeting friends, there are so many more people to choose from and (some) have matured a lot since high school. This person has both the intrigue of a friend and more.

6. The next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, etc…

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At UCLA, I feel like everywhere I turn I'm running smack into the next billionaire tech CEO or future inventor of the ability to teleport. It can be overwhelming, but getting to know/meeting really intelligent people is can be a pleasure.

7. The caretaker of the friend group AKA Your new mom

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This person is so vital and important, I cannot stress this enough! She will hold your hair as you puke. He will rub your back when your boyfriend dumps you outside his frat house. When you're homesick and miss your parents, this person is your go to.

8. A personal therapist

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A true listener, a giver of advice, a guru-in-the-making. At the ripe old age of 20 this person seems to understand all the secrets of life and has the information you need.

9. Rays of sunshine

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There are some people in this world that seem to radiate happiness and positivity—you can't help but smile when you see their beaming face. Regardless of if you're best friends with this person or mere acquaintance, they're a good lot to have around. Who couldn't use a little more light?

I could make this list go on forever because I cannot begin to count the number of amazing people I have met during my first two years of college. Yes, there have been a number of people I could have done without, but meeting so many wonderful people makes it all worth it.

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