I read many articles before I came to college about what it is like having a roommate. Many of them come to the same conclusion: it is okay to not be best friends or even friends with your roommate.

Upon reading those articles I would often have to coach myself on that, it is alright to not be friends with my new roommate. I went into the dorm blind and did not know any of my suitemates or my roommate beforehand. When I came to EMU over a week ago, I was scared that my roommate and I might not get along and that we would be those roommates who do not talk or spend any time together. I was mentally prepared to eat all my meals by myself and savor all the time alone when she went home for the weekend.

You know what they say though "make plans and hear God laughing". My preparation went straight out the window when I actually met my roommate. She was beautiful, kind, and extremely laid back. We instantly clicked and became at ease with each other within the first couple of days. We became friends instantly and when she went home that first weekend I was not savoring my alone time, I was actually missing her. Fortunately, I found so many great people at First Three Orientation that I really liked and I got to hang out with them over the weekend.

My roommate and I actually care about each other. I do not worry about her stealing my stuff or leaving me behind. We eat together and have made friends together. It is through her that I have made some of my closest friends in college so far. We already lean on each other for support and have a lot of trust. She looks out for me and I look out for her.

I have heard so many stories about how bad a roommate can be and even people close to me have recounted their recent bad roommate experiences. The amazing thing is that I thought I would want to be alone and that I would hate having a roommate, but I love it. Having a roommate gives me the ability to better myself through her support every day and gives me a chance to support her every day as she grows and changes as well.

Despite those articles about not having to be close with your roommate, everyone should still be open to all the possibilities. It is possible to become close with your roommate and to even become close quite quickly. Living with someone is stressful and can be hard for both parties, but sometimes things just work out in your favor.

I am so grateful that the fates aligned and that my roommate and I are friends even though I came into college thinking that we might not ever be. Good friends can be hard to come by sometimes in life and I am extremely lucky to have already found some amazing people at college who I can eat with, laugh with, and study with. I have never lived in the same room with someone else and I am happy to say that so far I could not be happier living with a roommate. I hope you all have found or can find similar happiness through living with someone.