What It's Like To Be A Woman
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What It Means To Be A Woman In The 21st Century

Why can't a girl go out with her friends and just have a good time?

What It Means To Be A Woman In The 21st Century

I know what you're thinking. "Seriously? Another article about women?" Yes, but it's also about so much more than that.

As a young woman in the 21st century, I don't feel entitled to anything. And I think that a lot of young women my age do. Before you get defensive, let me explain.

I don't want anything handed to me just because I'm a woman and I face hardships just for that fact. I want to work just as hard for what I have than any other man or woman out there. Now, this goes both ways. Men and women my age seem to have this idea in their mind that they should just have a nice job with a comfortable salary handed to them.


If you want a nice job with a comfortable salary, you need to get out there and network. My generation is so glued to technology that no one wants to get out there and have face-to-face communication with prospective employers.

Let's move on from the workplace and into social life.

You would think that young women in their 20's would be able to go out and have a good time without being bothered by anyone, right? Wrong.

Women are constantly being bothered by men and sometimes other women when they go out. Why can't a girl go out with her friends and just have a good time?

Instead, we have to worry about the creepy guy watching us across the bar and wonder if he'll follow us into the parking lot or to the next bar.

Fashion has changed so much in recent years. Women want to feel sexy when they go out, but don't always want the attention it gets them. I understand both sides of this. Feeling sexy is a great confidence booster! However, there is a fine line drawn between a little risky and trampy. Most women do not want to cross over to the trampy side because we KNOW that other women in the bar are watching and judging.

But they aren't the only ones watching and judging. Other people can see what you're wearing, and they're probably judging you even harder.

I've heard way too many people say lately "And they wonder why they get raped."


I'm sorry, but what I choose to wear does and will not ever translate to "Please, rape me." No one's choice in clothing translates to that. Period.

Does this mean you should be posing topless in your next Instagram post? Absolutely not. There are some parts of yourself you should leave up to the imagination. I'm not saying that everyone needs to stop posting these photos because some express themselves in this way. Good for them.

But let's bring it back to the first point. Do you think a professional business will want to hire you after they see your topless photos?

Bottom line, being a woman is tough in this day and age. But it shouldn't be that way. We need to stop tearing each other down and start building each other up.

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