Women's wave is here with the women's march

On January 19, 2019, women from different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures came together in our nation's capital and made a march towards the White House. For the third year in a row, Women around the globe gathered together for this march in order to show our government that just because they are shut down they can't shut down women.

Since this movement started three years ago when President Trump was inaugurated into office, thousands of women gathered in Washington in order to show the new administration that they will not allow their voices to be shut out and will continue to fight for the equality women have long deserved but have yet to fully acquire.

This march stands as a movement for the generations to come that no matter what injustice is taking place, you can always stand against it because that is what this country was built on, the ability to stand up for what's right and what you believe in. This past weekend's march was no different in that regard but stood as a women's wave to signify a global movement to end violence against women.

Society has looked upon these marches as a sign that we are currently living through dark times but it's important to look at these brave women who have chosen to stand with other brave women and protest the injustices in our society today and not stand by in ignorance. If you stand by your allowing women to continue to be viewed as objects and not people and you ignore the dire need of better reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, workers rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. The marches are not just about how women are viewed in the home but more so how society views women from all different types of backgrounds and their limited access to rights as citizens of this country.

This movement is strong and alive and cannot be stopped!

The marches stand for a lot of things not just equality for all women. This is a women-led movement that is designed to bring together a diverse group of women and their communities to create social change. This movement is showing young teens and adults that they can create change in their communities by being active and knowledgable. It is committed to taking down systems of oppression, through NONVIOLENT protest and creating inclusive environments in their places.

The women's march recognizes that women's rights are human rights and this ideology stands for ALL women from ALL different backgrounds. This includes black women, indigenous women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Jewish women, Muslim women, Latinx women, Asian and Pacific Islander women, lesbian, bi, queer women, and trans women. It is committed to protecting every woman from every background imaginable because when women stand together there is NO stopping them.

Here is the link to the Women's March website if you would like to get more information and want to get involved!

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