Being a proclaimed daughter of the King in a lost world can be daunting at times. Feelings of loneliness or even fear will try to take control of your life. Understand, Sister, that you are NOT alone. God will place specific people in your life that will help mold you into the princess you are meant to be. You have to learn to let go and trust God because you were not meant to walk this path alone.

I have always been the one to encourage others; I needed to be okay in front of people so others would not see the battle I was fighting in my own mind. When I had nothing to keep me occupied, I was the one to struggle with loneliness and conflicting thoughts about my worth. I knew I was loved by God. I knew I was not truly alone, but I didn't know why I felt this way. It was because I refused to accept those people that God placed in my life who were meant to walk in faith with me.

It is vitally important for your faith that you engage in strong relationships with your sisters in Christ. I had to trust and understand that what was going on in my life was only a trial meant to strengthen me and those around me. God's light is magnified when His children are joined together. As women of faith, it is our responsibility to love, respect and lift one another ALL the time. This can be accomplished by being there when a sister needs it most and when she does not. I have seen amazing growth and blessings in my own faith as I have experienced more God-centered women praying for me and as I have prayed for them.

Let us become the women we are called to be. Let us be more like Mary, Ruth, Esther or any of the other beautiful women in the Bible. Let us allow God use us to give women back their sense of worth. Let us love, the way He loves us.

I am forever thankful for the women who have encouraged me to dive deeper, love harder and praise higher.