5 Women Politicians Everyone Should Pay Attention To
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5 Female Politicians Everyone Shoul Pay Attention To

And why you should know their names.

5 Female Politicians Everyone Shoul Pay Attention To
Rosemary Ketchum

2018 has been a milestone for women and society in general. Women have risen up and shown the world that we don't a Prince Charming to save us. We're smart, capable, and independent humans making our names in the history books,

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

She was recently elected as the youngest women EVER elected to Congress. She came from a working-class background and proves to little girls everywhere they can make history and break barriers. Her political stance focuses on public post-secondary education and abolishing for-profit prisons.

Maura Healey 

Maura Healy serves as the Massachusetts Attorney General and has been adamant about protecting her community against unfair immigration policies, poor healthcare, etc. She also has been apart of several lawsuits against Trump, challenging his stance on immigration laws.

Kamala Harris 

Kamala Harris was elected to the US Senate in 2016 as a Democrat. Prior to this, she was the attorney general for the state of California. She was the first female AND the first African American to hold the position of attorney general in California. As attorney general, she was known for her strong opinions on women's rights, immigration policies, and fighting for the wellbeing of the middle class.

Ilhan Omar

IIhan Omar was born Mogadishu and raised in Somalia. She is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. She is the first ever Somali American elected to office in the United States. Besides making history she supports student loan forgiveness and a higher minimum wage.

The Women of the 116th Congress 

This midterm season marked the most diverse race in history, A record number of women ran and a record number of women won. Women are changing the political world for the better and inspiring young women to chase after their dreams.

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