If You Woke Up Feeling Burnt Out, These Words Are For You

If You Woke Up Feeling Burnt Out, These Words Are For You

When the cashier said, "I am out of almond milk," it seemed like the icing on the cake.

Shannon Haupert

To be honest, I sat down to write this article and my first thoughts were, "I'm burnt out."

"I have nothing to say."

I proceeded to sip my sub-par latte and texted some friends with messages that shouted, "WHAT SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT?"

What is SO ironic about this is that I had a meeting, just 2 days ago, where we walked through what writer's block is and how to beat it.


All creatives go through lulls of not having content, of feeling drained, out of energy and having nothing to share.

Even if you aren't someone who has specific deadlines to hit, you have probably felt it.

You have probably been in the midst of the ebb and flow of life when you get hit with a brick that makes you scream, "Yep, not today, I am not doing this anymore."

Sometimes that brick gets heavy.

Sometimes it is the loss of a loved one, or canceled plans, or the mourning of a dream that once was, or the moment the cashier tells you they are "out of almond milk," that make you question everything you are doing in this crazy life.

Other times, it's the "absolutely nothing is going wrong, yet I still feel stuck," that hits you right in the gut!

Wherever you are at today, it is time to throw the things that aren't true out the window. Heck, throw them out the window, let a truck drive over them, and watch them get squashed because it is time that they stop controlling you.

Is it important to mourn the loss of a loved one? ABSOLUTELY.

Is it important to seek out help when you feel stuck and unloved? YES.

However, it is also important to remind yourself that even in the midst of any of these seasons, what is true about you doesn't change.

What is true is that you are loved.

What is true is that the world somehow keeps spinning even when we want it to stop.

This sometimes makes us feel sick to our stomachs, it makes us angry, it makes all the human feels bubble up like boiling water.

What is true is that you can get through the challenging seasons.

What is true is that pain and joy could somehow coexist in your heart.

Even if you wake up feeling like the brick is WAY heavier today and that there is no way you could march on or come up with a way to string one sentence from the one prior, know that you aren't alone, and know that you are seen and loved.

I know, there are some super sappy things thrown on this page.

For today, we will let that be enough because this world doesn't need more fake fronts, it needs real.

Today, I didn't have a single thing on my mind to write, but today I will throw the lies that there isn't any worth in threading sentences together out the window and watch them get squashed by the truck driving by because those things have no hold on us anyway!

You are loved.

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