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Poetry On Odyssey: With You

Then my light came from the darkest corner.

Poetry On Odyssey: With You

My image is distorted in my mind.

The demons always swarming inside,

like sharks feeding in the ocean,

alone and vicious like the waves.

Slowly slipping further into darkness

my life boat deflating a little more each day.

Then my light came from the darkest corner.

With you, the demons are silent.

With you, the sharks are not hungry.

The waves are calm and the sun stays shining.

Your arms around me, protect me from myself.

With you, I am free to live

a life full of joy and safety.

Every new memory becomes my favorite

and every second is cherished more than the one before.

For you, my love, are my saving grace.

For you, sweet boy, are my lifeline.

With you, I am cured.

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