Poetry On Odyssey: Broken Clocks
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Poetry On Odyssey: Broken Clocks

A poem about how we are all looking for that thing that is meant to fix us, and the journey along the way.

Poetry On Odyssey: Broken Clocks

A broken clock is right twice a day,

Although it may think it is right all the time.

Humans are all the same way.

We are all broken clocks,

Each and every day,

Adamant about our way,

Incapable to think outside of the box.

If something is broken, it must be fixed

Otherwise its worth will cease to exist.

Each given thought is a second on the clock,

They are not continuous,

They must be unlocked.

When doubt arises, the hands move, our minds open up

We begin to change, and eventually grow up.

The minute hand moves just the slightest amount

For the thoughts of others have given some doubt.

Time and time again our clocks are repaired

With each little memory that you and I shared.

Numerous people repair the clocks of others in a given moment,

But the intentions are not to relieve, it's for an individual's own enjoyment.

Once something is broken and hastily restored,

The odds of crumbling once more increase as a thought is ignored.

So quickly the fixed clocks break once more

And the pause in time will greatly implore

For someone to come and simply restore

What once was the thing taken for granted before.

A lifetime goes by and each clock ticks

Some are left broken, and some are fixed.

A clock will only remain in its perfect condition

If a person lives a life with no acquisition

Of love or companionship that is clearly defined,

Because love is the facade that dictates all of mankind.

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