4 Outdoor Exercises That Are Actually Fun
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4 Outdoor Exercises That Are Actually Fun

Because the thought of going for a run outside in fifteen degree weather makes anyone shiver.

4 Outdoor Exercises That Are Actually Fun

Are you looking at all the snow right outside your doorstep and wondering how to incorporate it into your daily exercise plan? Well, look no further...

Downhill Skiing

Ever wake up on a snowy morning and feel like the fresh powder is telling you to do something? Well, pull on those ski boots and wobble onto a pair of skis to not only have a blast but burn some serious calories! Downhill skiing may seem intimidating, but hey, it's a new year so why not take up a new hobby? If you love speed, this is definitely the activity for you. You'll be flying down the hill, not even realizing that you're burning around 400 calories an hour! Plus, even if you're not a pro, there are always varying levels of difficulty on the slopes, making sure there's a hill for every skill level.


So I know the shoes may look a little goofy, but hang with me. If you're looking to go outside, but maybe don't wanna go crazy with a lot of equipment, I recommend snowshoeing. One of the best parts of this activity is that you can simply strap on the boots and be out the door and exercising in five minutes. There are no skis to rent or skates to lace up-simply slide your feet in and go. This is an especially great activity if you live in an area with not much terrain. All you need is a snowy woods or other outdoor scenery and you are set to go. Oh, and by the way, snowshoeing isn't just taking a stroll, in fact, you'll burn upwards of 500 calories in an hour and walking outside, taking in the scenery, and enjoying your snowy day.

Ice Skating

Are you looking for a fun winter activity to do with friends? Ice skating is definitely that! Instead of sitting inside on your phones, get your friends together for something that will be sure to make everyone laugh. Ice skating doesn't have to Olympic level figure skating-it can simply be you and your friends on a frozen lake, laughing at each other's attempts to stay upright. And afterward, as you sip your hot cocoa there's no need to not add those extra marshmallows because this activity burns about 380 calories per hour. So add that whip cream as well, and make some memories surrounded by those you love.

Cross Country Skiing

If you are a die-hard cardio aficionado and the seven-mile treadmill runs are becoming insufferable, cross country skiing should be penciled in for your next workout. Cross country skiing is like downhill skiing in the sense that they both include skis, boots, and poles. But, cross country ski boots have no back, allowing the individual to move their heel and glide across the snow. Though it may take some practice, this is most certainly one of the best things you can do outdoors during the winter. An hour of cross country skiing burns at the very least 1000 calories! So, go ahead eat those well-deserved holiday treats, because you'll need all your energy for this winter workout.

Winter can be a time where many feel as though it is impossible to exercise and maintain a healthy exercise regime due to the cold. But, all it takes is a little creativity to find some great winter workouts!

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