Winter Without A Bae: Ask Jack(ie) #7
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Winter Without A Bae: Ask Jack(ie) #7

Sleigh the game all by yourself. ;)

Winter Without A Bae: Ask Jack(ie) #7

Jackie, all my friends are getting boyfriends this holiday season, and I don't have a bae to do cute winter things with. How do I have fun this winter without a bae?

Dear No Bae (But it's OK),

A bae does not equate to having winter fun. Fun comes from yourself! Like when people say that things are only awkward if you make them awkward. Things are fun if you make them fun! When you're in the happy spirit, anything can be "funny," and thus cause you to have fun. When are you the most happy? You should do those things to get you in a happy spirit, and then do a bunch of fun holiday things with your family and friends. If those people are busy, you could use this time to pursue some hobbies you've had to put aside because of school. Or, just celebrate the holidays by yourself and meet some awesome people on the way! (still consider stranger danger though)

Cute Winter Things to do With or Without a Bae:

1. Play/ learn an instrument

When you have control over what you're playing, your mind goes all over the place and you end up losing yourself in music for hours. Or, being frustrated and figuring out a song for hours. Ha. But once you get it down, you'll be more than happy! Holiday songs with your new musical skills?

2. Make and Drink Hot Chocolate

Have you tried peppermint hot cocoa? It's DELICIOUS. Try making some from scratch! Travel to the tropical regions of South America and find a cacao tree, make your own chocolate, milk your own cow, build your own stove, create your own metal pot, and you're all set. A.K.A Google a recipe

3. Make a snowman! If you have snow...

It's about 70 degrees Fahrenheit where I am... totally snow-inducing.

4. Experiment with a winter makeup look!

Yes, some of us like to put on makeup for fun. It's not only a way to "impress people."

5. Mmmmmmmmm— bake and cook some holiday foods.

Love comes in many forms.

6. Almost anything else you have fun doing with a bae in winter, you can have fun doing by yourself!

You just need to let that notion that you aren't able to have fun by yourself go bye bye. You are such a worthy person of fun, emotions, and holiday cheer that you don't even need to share it with a bae!

Also, if you want a boyfriend, I've been watching ion television Christmas rom coms with my family all day, and apparently the way to get a boyfriend seems to involve some kind of Christmas ballet, a dangerous elevator, magical people, and dogs. So basically, get a dog and keep riding elevators up and down until you meet a bae.

About the picture below... it's just there for a chuckle. :) If you put yourself out there—ask people out on dates—you'll be sure to get a date eventually! There is no success without suc... JK I tried for a cool quote. But anyways, a little "failure" (but really if you can't get a date I promise it doesn't mean you're a failure) in the past, will eventually lead to success if you want it to. You just have to keep your spirits up and keep on truckin'.

If you need an outside perspective on something, or just want to share something with me, feel free to use this link to submit a question or comment.

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