Winter Wedding Guest Dress Tips
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Winter Wedding Guest Dress Tips

Deciding what to wear for a winter wedding is a little more complicated than for spring, summer, or even fall weddings.

Winter Wedding Guest Dress Tips


Deciding what to wear for a winter wedding is a little more complicated than for spring, summer, or even fall weddings. Colder weather, ice, and snow can all impact what dress you choose and how to style your wedding guest look.

Depending on the venue, you may be able to wear your favorite jewel-toned satin midi dress and simply throw on a faux fur stole to keep warm while you walk from the car into the venue. If the wedding ceremony takes place outside, you may want a long sleeve dress and fleece-lined tights under your peacoat so you don’t freeze while the couple says I do.

Don’t let a little ice and snow keep you from sending in your RSVP. With these tips, you can create the perfect winter wedding guest ensemble.

What Makes Winter Weddings Special

There are many benefits to attending a wedding during the winter months.

  • It gives you something to look forward to besides the holidays during the colder and darker months
  • A gorgeous backdrop for beautiful snowy photographs with friends and family
  • Easier to attend since there are fewer weddings during winter

Consider the Weather When Planning Your Ensemble

Consider what outerwear you’ll pair with your dress. Nothing ruins a silhouette more than pairing an elegant black tie dress with a short puffy jacket. If you are attending a winter wedding in a cold climate, you’ll have to plan for ice and snow when picking out your look.

Pair your satin midi dress with a warm faux fur coat or a long wool peacoat. Use thick or fleece-lined tights to keep your legs from freezing. If the ceremony will take place outdoors, consider bringing extra layers like a hat, scarf, and gloves to stay warm while you mingle with friends and family.

Rather than pairing your dress with an open-toed heel or sandal as you would for a summer wedding, try a closed-toe pump or chic boots. Scuff up the soles to prep your dress shoes for winter, or add a stick-on rubber base to the bottom of your shoes. Even if everything takes place indoors, you’ll still have to walk through an icy parking lot.

Best Fabrics for Winter Weddings Guest Dresses

Many winter weddings are more formal than spring and summer weddings since they take place in more formal ballrooms and other indoor locations. Choose a floor-length or midi dress for a more elevated look.

Look for dresses in elegant fabrics like satin, lace, or rich velvet.

Don’t be afraid to pick a dress that has a little sparkle. Make a statement in a sequin midi dress with beaded fringe, or keep it subtle in a short-sleeved maxi dress with art deco-inspired geometric beading.

Long Sleeves or Sleeveless?

Just because the wedding will take place during colder months doesn’t mean you have to choose a long-sleeved gown. Once you are cutting a rug on the dance floor, you may be quite warm in your sleeveless satin midi dress.

An intricate sleeve can add drama to your wedding look. Wear a dress with a detailed puff or bell sleeve. If you choose a long sleeve look, balance it by choosing a plunging neckline or high-cut slit to show a little skin.

Choose Rich Jewel Tones

Leave your soft pastels and flirty florals for spring and summer weddings. Rich jewel tones are ideal for winter: emerald green, burgundy, deep blue, and amethyst. These saturated hues will add warmth and dimension to your wedding guest ensemble.

Stun guests in a crushed velvet emerald wrap dress with gold pumps. You’ll look incredibly luxe, and the thick material will help you keep cozy while taking photos outside. Wear this dress again for holiday parties, or dress it down with a leather jacket and over-theknee-boots for a night out with friends.

You Have to Don’t Avoid Black

Black may be known as the color of mourning, but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear black as a wedding guest. A black dress can be a sleek and stylish option for a winter wedding. A chic black dress is a timeless and elegant option for a black-tie affair. Show off your neck and collarbones with an off-the-shoulder neckline and full skirt. Add a jewel-toned pump and a beaded clutch for a pop of color.

Elevate Your Look with Jewelry and Accessories

Women have a much easier time styling a black-tie wedding guest ensemble. No need to rent a tux – we can elevate a simple black dress to look infinitely more expensive with gold jewelry and stunning shoes.

Try adding rhinestone jewelry with a lot of sparkle to play off the icy exterior of the winter wedding. Highlight a plunging neckline with a delicate long gold chain necklace. Pair your look with chandelier earrings to elongate your neck if your dress has a higher neckline.

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