How To Take Care Of Your Succulents In The Winter

Succulents are a bad plant parent's best friend. If you have trouble keeping your plants alive but love the benefits of having them in your living space, succulents are the best of both worlds. They are extremely hardy and do not require copious amounts of upkeep such as watering.

Some succulents only require water every two weeks, so if you are notorious for forgetting to water your plants, you may want to give a succulent a try. However, most succulents come from warmer regions, and they prefer to be in a warmer climate, so naturally, there are some steps to take in the winter to protect them from getting cold.

The number one tip I have for taking care of your succulents in the winter is to keep them near a window, but not directly in front of it. Most succulents do well in indirect sunlight (always be sure to check the care card that comes with your succulent to give the right amount of sunlight), but windows get pretty chilly in the winter.

I have my succulents sitting on my desk which is facing a window, but none of my succulents are touching the window. This way my plants can get their sunlight, but also be kept warm from the chill that touches the window.

Another tip is to track your watering. In the summer months I am not very precise with my watering schedule, but in the winter it is important to make sure that your roots are not too wet. If your roots are too wet this could cause your plant to first drown, and second sit in extremely cold water. The best practice is to follow the instruction on the bottom of your plant, and they usually include information on what to do in the winter months.

I really enjoy taking care of my succulents and they bring me a lot of joy, especially when all of the trees are drab and grey. Succulents can give you a little taste of spring in these winter months.

If you are looking for more information you can check out Succulents and Sunshine, a blog dedicated to succulent care!

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