Winter Storm Stella Headed Towards Northeast

With the weekend of daylight savings upon us, many people are already beginning to gear up for spring, hoping the lighter evenings will also bring along the warmer weather. However, those in the Northeastern region of the United States are preparing themselves for a somewhat late season winter storm.

Winter Storm Stella which has been tracked by meteorologists for the past week or so, is expected to be an extremely large storm, leaving many states and counties with winter weather watches or warnings and some parts even being warned of possible blizzard conditions including 50 mile per hour winds.

Though there is still some speculation that the storm could break up or go out to sea, missing the area entirely, it is beginning to seem increasingly likely that the storm will be hitting the North East, and hitting it hard. Anticipated snowfall accumulation depends greatly on the area, with more southern regions expecting to receive a snow/rain mix, some areas are expected to get around 6-12 inches of snow while those in the heart of the storm's potential path are expected to receive as much as 18-24 inches.

Snow in the Northeastern area is expected to begin late Monday evening and continue into the night. Snowfall may stop briefly at times on Tuesday but has the potential to continue heavily throughout the day as well. Storm conditions should begin to diminish in most areas by Tuesday evening.

With all of this news continuing to circulate throughout most major news networks and weather channels, many people are beginning to worry about staying safe during this weather.

Officials state that it is important not to travel during this storm as the weather may make travel difficult or at times impossible. It is possible that a state of emergency may be called in certain areas, meaning that only specific people, usually those in the media, road workers and law enforcement to name a few, will be permitted to travel.

It is important to make sure you have enough food before the storm begins, as it may be difficult to get out or bring food in during the storm, many people have begun to flock to supermarkets in anticipation of the weather.

Another safety precaution is to make sure conditions are safe before going outside, while it is important to clear snow off of cars. driveways and other properties, make sure that conditions are safe before doing so and make sure that you wear properly warm clothing as to not contract frost bite.

Though a storm may seem scary, with the proper precautions Winter Storm Stella should be more of a nuisance than a fright.

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