Why Winter Is The Best Season
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Why Winter Is The Best Season

The cold is my true happiness.

Why Winter Is The Best Season
Kaleb Smith

To start out I'm going to apologize to anyone I may offend: I hate summer. There, I said it. Summer is the absolute worst season there is. You're hot, you're sticky and you're getting bitten by bugs just to go home and face the aftermath of sunburn. Summer is filled with oily foods, gross skin and only wearing clothes that are just barely legal. What's the only logical solution? Winter. Here's another confession: winter is my favorite season. Sound crazy? Here's why.

1. Layering.

In the summer, you can only remove so much clothing before you'll get for-sure charged with public indecency. In a valiant effort to escape the horrifying heat, you will take off that t-shirt, that undershirt, and if you're lucky maybe your bra (but of course only inside, because female breasts are offensive!). You can't exactly take off pants unless you're at the beach, so you better get used to wearing short shorts. However, in winter you can feel free to layer that nice undershirt with a handsome sweater, wear some nice khakis, and even spice things up with a nice scarf. Don't even get me started on boots!

2. Comfort Food.

Alright, so in the summer let's face it: the heat makes us all not want to eat. If we do eat, then it's usually something cold to soothe our overheating bodies. In the later parts of the year, however, eating becomes something to comfort us through the dark days. Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, rich stews, and decadent hors d'oeuvres definitely top the list. Don't feel bad about pigging out on these cold-weather treats, because the extra weight will keep you warm.

3. Lack of Sunlight

I know a lot of people really love the sunlight, but nothing is more calming than starting off my day with a piping hot cup of green tea while staring out over Lake Superior, watching some snow fall and having the serenity of not having my eyes burned out of their sockets.

4. Snow!

Snow is one of my absolute favorite things that the universe has gifted us. It's just like rain, except you don't get wet or as cold from having it dry on you. It's this glorious, beautiful frozen version of the stuff we drink. It covers everything to give it a nice, soft, polished look. Just simply brush off the snow if it isn't your style, and you won't be soaking wet like during a thunderstorm.

5. Snow Days.

Even though college never closes for snow, having the alibi of a crazy snow storm for your reason to be late for work is nice. I remember in high school we would get snow days occasionally, and they were the absolute best. Not having to leave the house and just stay inside and binge-watch Netflix all day was a godsend.

6. Adventures.

The standard hikes that I do in the summer, spring and fall all become a bit more treacherous during the winter months. You think scaling the side of a hill above waterfalls is scary in the summer when it's sunny? Try adding snow and ice. Think walking along the edges of cliffs 50 feet above Lake Superior is nerve-racking? Again, add snow and ice. Everything instantly becomes a huge adventure because it's not just a leisurely walk, but it's an adrenaline pumping, life-or-death sort of situation.

7. Driving.

I know people ALL OVER the country dread driving on snow and ice covered roads, but I feel pretty confident in my winter driving skills. I actually...enjoy it. I think the snow is a nice little blanket one can use for power sliding, having fun and not burning up their tires when they do donuts. Snow is also a lot better to crash a car into than a hard tree or bush.

8. New Year's.

New Year's Eve is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite holiday in the book. Everyone has a good time, choice drinks are shared and there's a calming feeling sweeping over everyone as the old calendar year culminates. It gives everyone a false sense of starting over and let's people actually think they'll change their lives this coming year. Going downtown to watch the ball drop on Front Street is also pretty cool, but make sure you dress for the weather or it won't be.

9. "Christmas."

I'm definitely a Theravada Buddhist and probably the furthest thing away from being associated with Christianity, so I feel strange calling the 25th of December, "Christmas." I just don't feel like I should be celebrating the holiday, but it's a huge day in my family. I get to see my family, eat good food and share in the giving of presents. I usually recite chants in my mind during the family prayer, but it's all good. Being surrounded by good company and love is always a good thing.

10. Fireplaces.

Nothing is more quintessential to a cold Yooper day (except maybe a choice drink) than a toasty, warm fire on a cold winter day. The sounds of the burning timber ease my mind after a long day making coffee, and the smell of the wood is better than anything else. Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace or even prepping some hot cocoa and telling stories are the type of nights that I live for.

All in all, I end up getting the summer blues. The heat takes my drive and good vibes away, but every day closer to fall is also another day closer to winter. For now I'll take my chances at the beach enjoying the chilly waters of Lake Superior, but I can't wait for winter to be here so I can go snowshoeing and wear nicer clothes. Until next week, my friends.

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