You've been out of school for almost a month now.

All if not most of that month was spent with family. And being with family means being home in your hometown. Which also means home-cooked meals and your laundry being done. But break is now dwindling down for most of us and even ending this week if your school is like mine. The saddest part of break ending is having to go from being home to going back to the adult world and actually doing things on your own. Which to me is no fun, who actually wants to cook themselves? Any break ending is always the worst time for me, I hate leaving my family to go be an actual adult again.

School starts and the relaxing lazy days end. Break ending is actually the worst.

1. When you realize that break is actually almost over 

Your mom reminded you or you got the email from school. Either way, break is ending and it is awful.

2. Trying to read the "pre-class reading"

Whoever invented this is awful and it truly marks the beginning of the end (of break).

3. When you try not to wear any clean clothes so that you don't have to do any laundry for a few weeks when you get back 

So what if you're wearing a pink bunny costume. If it means no laundry for a few weeks, it's okay.

4. Getting back to your apartment or dorm and realizing that your roommates broke something 

You left, the roommate stayed. They threw a party or something and broke a chair. Did they tell you, no. Did you fall when you sat in it, yes.

5. When all your friends start talking about the amazing trips they went on during break

You stayed home and watched TV the whole time. But you don't see us bragging about it.

6. Trying to spend your last few days of break literally doing nothing 

Even if you have stuff to do, you still do nothing,

7. Having to go back to your creepy roommate if you live in the dorms 

They're always there next to you. You don't even know where they came from most of the time.

8. When you get back before all your friends and are all alone 

Someone always has to be the first one back, this time it is you.

9. When you have to eat on your own, after having your mom feed you for the last month 

Cheese counts as milk, right?

10. When all of your friends are finally back 

Everyone is finally reunited and it's time to celebrate the new year!