10 Times Winston Is Actually A Sorority Girl

10 Times Winston Aka Winnie The Bish Aka Aka Brown Lightning Is Actually A Sorority Girl

There's a Winston in all of us.


Winston Bishop, maybe one of the most relatable characters in New Girl. I quickly realized that he is the embodiment of a sorority girl. Here are 10 times Winston truly showed his srat side.

1. When Your Chapter Meeting Lasts Double The Normal Time


Sometimes this is sarcasm, sometimes it's serious. Either way it's both accurate.

2. The Sorority Decides To Have A Date Dash And You Have No Choices On Such A Late Notice


Would they allow my cat onto the party bus? Or really the venue? Where even are we going?

3. When That ONE Guy At The Party Won't Leave You Alone


You've walked away five times and he keeps coming back to the conversation. Please, where is your date?

4. Your Sorority Sister Sends That Message In The GroupMe Asking If Anyone Has Errands


"Does anyone need to go to Target?" Umm... can we stop and get food too?

5. When Someone Gives You The AUX During A Frat Lap


Do you listen to pop? What about the 2000's party list? This is such a big decision.

6. When You See Your Big/Little Going To Class


You love them with your whole heart and are so happy to have them in your life.

7. When You Have An Event On A Saturday Morning But You Just Want Sleep


You just want to sleep after the long week. But I guess that's not happening.

8. When You And Your Sister Wake Up At Noon, Hungry


You had dinner at like 10 with your roommate but that pasta sounds good again.

9. The Date Party Is Karaoke So...


Where is a better place to embarrass yourself than with you sisters at karaoke.

10. But Your Sisters Are The Ones Who Understand You The Most


You wouldn't trade them for the world. Nor would really anyone else deal with you.

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