The Wisdom Tooth Body Shape Is Harmful and Unrealistic

The wisdom tooth, a painful tooth we get ripped out of our gums as young adults, is gaining notoriety for something completely unrelated to it. It's been given the name of a body shape made famous by the Kardashians and plenty of other Instagram influencers along with other celebs.

The "wisdom tooth" shape is essentially an overdramatized hourglass shape. You have almost no waist, a massive, out of proportion wide bottom, and a thigh gap from thin legs. The mid-section is the tooth, with the legs being the roots. I guess I can see it, but I just see it more as an extreme human hourglass without the idea of a tooth attached. Real talk though: why is looking like a tooth something women are all being brainwashed to aspire to?

I would consider myself to have a regular hourglass body shape. I'm 162 pounds, 5'5, and all-natural. I've been struggling with my weight and body positivity for months now, and when I see Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan posting bikini shots, I inadvertently look in the mirror and wonder why the hell I look the way I do, and not closer to what they look like. I see myself with all of my chub and rolls, and sometimes I'm fine with it, while other times I feel disgusting. That's when I get mad at myself. I know the wisdom tooth body type is impossible to achieve unless you're able to go to the gym every day (sometimes twice a day like Kim Kardashian) and have plastic surgery while sticking to an impossible diet. Those are all brought to you by the privilege of being wealthy! No one should be striving to look like that, period.

Some women naturally have the wisdom tooth body type and they have every right to rock it. However, all we see on social media from top celebs and influencers is the wisdom tooth body type that everyday women cannot attain. Whether we will admit it or not, we've all been negatively affected by seeing images of that body type in popular culture. We judge ourselves for looking normal. We're regular women with regular bodies. We don't have money coming out of our ears and time to work out every day after working long hours, or going to school, or doing both. Life is easy when your work is "making" makeup, perfume, or clothes along with staring in reality tv shows and getting the luxury of traveling all over to promote them all. What a hard life!

Body dysmorphia is real and it's all at the hands of social media. Whether you love yourself at the max or are just beginning to, the fact that all we see are these women make it hard to not get knocked down a few pegs. Being fake gives you praise and millions of followers and likes while posting the real you make people unfollow you or shame you. If that doesn't affect you, good for you. It hurts me and has led me to be more conscious about social media breaks.

My journey to being genuinely happy with myself again is going to take time, and something that helps me a lot is avoiding the social media accounts of women promoting this body type. I try to remind myself that my body is amazing because it's real. It's not altered in photos I post. I'm just trying to live day by day knowing my worth. I don't need to look like Cardi B or Kylie Jenner to find a man. I just need to look like me and accept myself. These celebs and influencers make money off of promoting this body type without regard to how damaging it is for all of us who follow them.

Men fall for this body BS as well. No real woman (again besides the few who do naturally) looks like this. Kylie ain't real. Her curves are out of this world because they're surgically enhanced, not "natural" from having a baby. The second you realize what a real woman's body is like, you'll understand. Male pressure is another factor women have to face and shouldn't.

Promote your real body, so both young and old girls alike don't go to bed crying themselves to sleep because they don't look perfect. The struggle doesn't have to keep on going. The struggle can eventually be put to bed once real women are praised for their real bodies.

As for the wisdom tooth body shape, I hope it stops getting all of the hype and praise it's been getting. It's disgusting to me how something so artificial can be applauded as it is. Let's embrace being real. Stop glorifying this tooth-like body shape.

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