Why You Should Really Respect Retail Workers

This summer I started working a retail job at a clothing store. I soon gained immense respect for those who create the "shopping experience" for others. People come into the store every day just to walk around picking stuff up, never putting it back, then walking out empty handed. I fully understand that the entire purpose of the retail space is so customers can come in and physically look at the stuff they want to purchase. However, please just keep in mind that there is a minimum wage employee who has to stay after putting away dozens of garments, just because you want to post a fitting room pic on your Snapchat story. On behalf of retail workers, I also ask that you do not get upset when we cannot help you find something, or the computer is not working right. Some of these things are genuinely out of our control and people getting a bad attitude with us is only going to make us more stressed out. I once had a guy who walked in the store and immediately began yelling at me to find him an item, before I could even get out of him what he was looking for. I just ask that you give people who work in a busy and often frustrating environment a please and thank you sometimes. This goes for people who work in the food industry as well. So often people will get downright rude to fast food employees or leave their waitress with a disaster to clean up and no tip. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, just please try not to be rude. We're all just trying to do our job and make you, the customer, happy with your experience. I promise you, every retail or food industry worker will appreciate it immensely.

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