I've been working in retail for a few months, and in customer service for over five years, to finance my college education and my young life. In those five years, I've been regularly talked down to, belittled, and even falsely accused of pushing a child. Most customers are great, but the rude ones, unfortunately, are the ones that stick out when I think about my customer service experience thus far. If you're someone who has spent your adult life thus far putting down retail employees for no reason, this detailed guide is for you!

1. Don’t talk down to us.


To you, we may seem like low lives with no ambition, but we're trying to make a living just like you! We do not deserve to be spoken to like children, so instead try speaking to us like we're a friend. At the least, a semi-friendly tone will make us more inclined to help you.

2. If you need a stock check, be patient and try not to send us more than once.


Stock checks are difficult. There are racks upon racks of clothes to walk through before finding the right one, and sometimes even a ladder is required. At the store I'm currently working, our stock is on an entirely different floor of the building. We're happy to help you find your size but if we take a while, please don't blame us.

3. Don’t blow up on us when we try to sell you things - you’re in a store after all.


We don't like bugging you about credit cards and sales just as much as you don't like hearing about them. But we have sales goals to meet and there's no use in getting angry at us for something that's simply part of our job. Anyways - you're in a store, where you came to potentially buy things, so why not hear about ways to save your money?

4. We (nor our managers) control the prices.


This seems like a given, but I've found that a lot of people forget this widely-known fact. Yes, I know it's a little ridiculous to pay $80 for a shirt, but it's not my fault and you chose to come in and shop in this particular store. It's not like someone is forcing you to spend your money. If you want cheaper clothing, there are endless options these days. The world is your oyster.

5. Please don’t ask for our manager unless you have a ridiculously complicated shopping emergency, or were just punched in the face.


Retail managers have a tough job: not only do they have to make sure sales goals are met and that the store is running smoothly, but any problems that arise are their responsibility. In addition to the regular paperwork and such that managers have to take care of.

That being said, please don't ask for our manager because you don't believe us when we said we're out of a color or style. Sales associates will not lie to you, and our jobs basically exist solely for your convenience and questions, so please utilize us..

6. Whatever problems you currently are facing in your life, are not our fault.


And we do not get paid to be your punching bag. We all have our own issues and we all have days where we don't feel like talking to people. If you're in our store and it's one of those days, you can politely reject our help and we'll leave you alone.

A nasty attitude toward us is not going to make you feel any better; if anything it will make us less likely to want to help you in the future. Yes, we recognize the people who come in regularly. And we remember which ones did not show us respect in the past.