It’s 2019, It’s Time To Start Treating Retail Workers With The Respect They Deserve

It’s 2019, It’s Time To Start Treating Retail Workers With The Respect They Deserve

To anyone who enjoys shopping at the mall or any store for that matter, start treating the employees with some respect!


Dear shoppers,

On behalf of all my fellow individuals working in retail, including myself, stop treating us like we are terrible people.

If you enjoy shopping or buying gifts for people at the mall, or any store for that matter, stop treating the employees like you own the place because I can assure you, YOU DON'T!

I work as a key holder in retail and my biggest annoyance is when I get a customer that acts like I owe them something. I enjoy working in retail as I see it as fun and suitable due to the fact I enjoy fashion and clothing trends. So, please stop ruining it for me and everyone else that works in the store.

If I and everyone else in the store are doing our jobs correctly and trying our very best to make your experience pleasurable, then why do you act like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? I mean if you did, that's fine, but me working in retail gives you no reason to disrespect me as I fold your clothes and put them in your bag for you.

And please don't EVEN get me started on the people that snap at me to get them a fitting room. I am not an animal. I am a human being that understands your needs. A simple, "May I have a fitting room?" is a standard question that I understand and can accommodate for you.

Also, if a fixture is marketed as "jeans 50% off" and you pick up a shirt off that same fixture and complain to me that the marketing is misleading, that's not any employees fault in the store because we don't design the marketing or pick the layout. Us retail employees are given a list of what is now on-sale and how the item should be marketed, so please stop yelling at us about it!

If you can't come into a clothing store and act respectful to the employees that are trying to help you and give you excellent customer service, then please just don't come in at all. It ruins our experience as employees.

I understand that you people might feel that it's okay to give attitude and sass to retail workers because most associates are teenagers or college kids, but news flash sister, it's not okay — especially when some of the employees really enjoy their job in retail.

Especially around the holiday season, you'd think that the customers would be more pleasant as holidays usually brings out the best in people, but to be completely honest most of you are so brutal. It's honestly just sad that some of you treat retail workers the way you do.

How would you feel if you were working so hard at your job and then a customer just came in and acted so brutal to you and made you feel terrible for no reason? Probably not so great, right. So treat others how you would like to be treated. I promise you, it's not that hard.

Now I know not every person that works in retail is the most bubbly or outgoing but everyone is there to make sure you find what you're looking for and to make sure that you essentially come back.

I've experienced some of the most awesome customers first hand and also some of the worst. It's bound to happen, but does it really have to happen? All that I'm saying is, if you want the best customer experience in your favorite store then come in and act like it's your favorite store.

Lastly, if you don't have experience working in retail, please do not tell me how to do my job because I know for a fact I would never try and tell you how to do yours if I didn't know how to do so.

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7 Ways To Get Your Mind Off Something

"Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want."

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Troubles creep in, plans don't go the way we would have them to, and suddenly everything feels wrong and you just want to ball up and cry. While this helps to an extent, at some point you've got to stand up and remember you are more than your problems.

However, if you're anything like me, your mind always drifts back to that pain and hurt. You constantly think about that thing even when you try your hardest not to.

While they may not be a permanent cure for your problems, I have found a few temporary fixes that might help get your mind off that pain (and maybe even put a smile on your face).

1. Watch a scary movie. (or a funny one if you want to sleep tonight)

I personally am a fan of sleep, so scary movies are not my go-to. Comedy, horror, romance, really any movie. Admire how cute Tom Cruise was in Top Gun. Recite every line of the Avengers. Marathon the Harry Potter series. Seriously though, this is bound to get your mind off that problem for at least a few hours.

2. Go on an adventure (even if it is to your local Walmart).

Whether it's a planned out hiking trip with your squad in the mountains or a spontaneous midnight drive to Wendy's with your roommate for a frosty and some fries, it's going to be a good time.

3. Memes, memes, and more memes.

Who doesn't like memes? From caveman spongebob to evil kermit to JoeBama, you're guaranteed to at least crack a smile.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

4. Retail therapy. (Even though you only have like 6 dollars in your bank account.)

Hit up the grocery and walk down your favorite snack aisle. No one will judge you for buying 3 boxes of pop-tarts (except maybe your body.) Also, never underestimate the power of trying on new clothes. Window shopping has the same effect as actual shopping, minus the bill! Seriously, even if you don't have the money to buy them, go try on those jeans that make your butt look good. Spend hours in Ulta looking at makeup and pretending you know how to apply it. Go to Hobby Lobby and pretend you know how to do arts and crafts. You'll feel great in the moment. (Make sure you have someone with you to restrict you from spending all of your money though because that will just cause you more problems later...)

5. Have a late night jam session.

Scream that Beyonce song at the top of your lungs. Sing your favorite Disney song in the shower. Watch a dance tutorial video on youtube. Memorize all the lyrics to every One Direction song ever. I promise it will be better than spending your night awake in bed overthinking all your problems.

6. Pick up a new hobby.

Go for a run, ride a bike, learn how to sew. Teach yourself a new instrument. Paint on a canvas. Make some jewelry. The list could go on and on. When you decide to try something new, you are putting your thoughts and energy into that new thing rather than the problem you are trying not to think of. So, at the same time you are trying something new, you are forgetting about that pain. Win-win situation.

6(and 1/2). Ice cream.

Enough said.

7. Look outside and smile because you're still alive and it could always be worse.

Also, take a second to think about all the people who truly care about you and want to see you happy. You are loved.

Cover Image Credit: RedBubble

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3 Reasons Online Shopping Is And Will Forever Be The New Fashion Experience

Who wants to go to the mall when you can shop in bed?


As a guy who adores fashion, there is nothing I love more than pretending I'm in a 2000s teenage girl movie and having a mall montage. Trying on clothes is what I live for. My dad experienced the horrifying experience when we went to a department store in Scotland on a vacation and I had him holding about fifty different shirts alone for me to try on! But as a lover of retail and fashion, I have come to discover that in-person shopping is slowly falling off the face of the planet. I've come up with a few reasons as an explanation as to why nobody typically wants to go out shopping anymore.

1. Stores don't always carry what they do online


That GIF is an accurate representation of myself when I go to the store and ask where they carry the shirt I want, and they say, "Oh that's an online exclusive!" I don't even know why I bother going out to the store when I see it right there online because it isn't guaranteed to be at the store. This isn't just the case for clothes, it's the case for ALL shopping. Your mother could be on and see a lamp you want, but when she goes to buy it in the store, it isn't available in stores. For this reason is why most people I know just prefer to order their products online rather than to go gamble that it's in the store.

2. Interacting with people can be hard


Going to the store and interacting with the employees isn't easy for everybody. If you're like me, you will walk up to anybody and tell your life story, which is pretty fun. But, I would say that at least 75% of the people I know in my life don't feel as comfortable asking for help from the employees or even checking out with your purchases. It's totally understandable as some people get super anxious, or the employees are rude or maybe they just don't enjoy speaking to strangers. It's super common anxiety that even I have trouble just dealing with.

3. The online store has way more options than the physical store


If only we could all walk out of stores with multiple bags full of purchases. Unfortunately, that isn't how it happens nowadays! This kinda goes along with my first reason. Imagine you walk into a store right? You walk in, and there are so many options for each article of clothing. Well, get this: Every store's online version has 10 TIMES the content to choose from. It can't even compare to all the options that you can scroll through on your phone. So which be honest, which would you choose?

I'm a guy with a passion for fashion, but it is becoming more and more of a digital industry. I've learned that if I want to enter the fashion world someday as a career, I have to know that sooner than later it's all going to be digital and hardly any physical work. It's sad, but it also opens up so much more room for creativity. All in all, I am somebody who prefers online shopping when possible. But don't get me wrong I love going out to the largest malls too! Besides, I would like to hope that I can have my fashion movie moments for the rest of my life!

XOXO, Jake

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