Why You Should Never Mix Gifts for Birthdays and Holidays

Why You Should Never Mix Gifts for Birthdays and Holidays

"How Rude!"

If you have a birthday near a holiday like I do you know how annoying it is when people co-gift. If you aren't familiar with what co-gifting is, it is when someone gives you a present/ presents for your birthday and the holiday at the same time. An example is if you have a birthday in December and someone gives you a gift collectively for your birthday and Christmas/ Hanukkah.

You may be wondering why this is a problem or why people would complain because it's efficient. The following are some arguments as to why it's not okay to co-gift.

It Comes Off as Thoughtless

Coming from experience, when people co-gift it can feel as though they didn't want to take the time to think of two different gifts you want for each event or that they didn't care enough to prioritize your birthday first. I'm not saying you have to spend megabucks on someone to please them, but just getting something small and thoughtful for the two separate events would suffice. For me personally, I don't like my birthday being overshadowed by the commercialism of Valentines Day, and to be quite honest I'm not a huge fan of pink.

It Makes You Look Cheap

This is especially true if you just give the person one gift for both events. Like I stated above, you don't have to do something extravagant for the gift to matter. I'd be okay with just a card on Valentines Day from the dollar store of if I just got to hang out and play video games with someone for my birthday. Both options cost little to no money to do and they're still fun.You can pinch your pennies and still have an awesome time.

It Can Tell Someone You Don't Really Know Them

Co-gifting can show a person that you really don't know them, or that you haven't payed close enough attention to them and what they say. Like if I offhandedly mentioned I really need new socks, maybe you could get me socks for my birthday. Or if you know I love Starbucks you could get me a gift card for Valentines Day with some chocolates.Gifts should be meaningful and reflect the person who's receiving them.

However, there are some exceptions to the no co-gifting rule for those of you sweating bullets right now.

If You're On a Restricted Income

Like I stated before, nobody has to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a gift for someone to make it special. Hell, you could just give someone your time, and that's free. I'm sure someone will understand if you could only get one thing for them because your income is restricted. If not you don't need that negativity in your life.

If You Don't See Someone Too Often

If you are in a long distance friendship or relationship with someone, co-gifting is okay because you don't know when your going to see each other next. You could send a package for both, but there's no guarantee they'll get it on time and it can be expensive to send a package, especially cross country/ continent. It may just be easier to send one package for both events or bring all their gifts to them the next time you get together.

If You Just Became Friends With Them

If you and this person just became friends a simple gift will suffice for both events. You want to play it safe and get something generic if don't really know someone that well. If you go too bold off the bat it may show them that you are trying to force the friendship to get closer faster and make the recipient uncomfortable. It's okay for their best friend to buy them a thong as a gag gift from Victoria's Secret but maybe not a new friend.

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