Why You Should Live With Your Best Friend While In College
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Why You Should Live With Your Best Friend While In College

Having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find a soulmate in friendship too.

Why You Should Live With Your Best Friend While In College
Sam Grosenick

You are often told that living with your best friend is a bad idea; that is will ruin your relationship and fall apart. I am sure this is true in a few cases, but not all of them. I definitely think you should live with your best friend, especially in college, and here is why:

No one knows you better.

Your best friend knows everything from your shoe size, to how you like your coffee, and everything in between. And it only gets worse (or better) when you live with them!

You can be weird.

They don't blink an eye when you play with your belly button, talk about your bowel movements, or look at each other with ridiculous looks on your faces. Nothing is too weird for your best friend... Nothing.

No judgement.

No matter how weird you are, you will never be judged or shamed into something you say or do. I cannot promise that they won't laugh though.

They can motivate you.

When you need that final push to finish reading your twenty-page article, to get up for work, or to go to your finals. They will be there every step of the way.

They take care of you.

Best friends look out for each other. It is just what you do. If you are sick, they will be there with whatever makes you feel better. If you are homesick, they will distract you. If you have an intense craving for deep fried pickles but have to finish working on an assignment, they will go get you some. Roommates are basically super heroes.

You have another wardrobe.

Even though you bring most of your wardrobe from home to school, you often don't have something. You need a pair of shoes to match your dress? Go to your roommates closet. You need a cardigan to go over your tank top? Your roommate has got you covered. This only works if your best friend wears the same size shoes and clothes as you, so maybe choose them carefully?

You have a Netflix buddy.

Make sure your roommate has similar interests when it comes to Netflix and movies. When you want to stay up late binge watching Orange Is The New Blackor want to watch Lilo & Stitch for the 37th time, you don't have to do it alone!

You have someone to de-stress with.

When you want to cry it out, eat a gallon of ice cream, or throw things around, your roommate with be there with you and happy to help you! All you have to do say the magic words.

You can have odd conversations.

Nothing is forbidden to be talked about. You can talk about your gas, why you hate peppers, which Disney prince you would marry, and rant about your sociopath teacher who is giving you bad grades. You truly can talk about anything at any time!

You have someone who knows all about your food habits.

This may be my favorite thing that goes with living with your best friend. They know everything about you, but especially your food habits. They know what you drink with dinner, what you like in your coffee, when you should stop eating, what toppings you like on your pizza, and how hungry you are based on your mood. It is almost magic.

You have someone who never leaves your side.

No fight can tear you apart. No distance is too far. Truly nothing can split you and your best friend apart, and living together only concretes that. And another great thing is that you never have to say goodbye.

Your bond will be so much stronger.

When you live with someone who you already have a strong bond with, it is nearly impossible for the bond to not get stronger (especially when you are crammed in a 14-by-14 dorm room).

There is nothing quite like living with your best friend. It is the greatest thing of all time and the best choice you can make while in college.

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