If You Need Change, Get Bangs
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Bangs Are The Change You've Needed In Your Life, Trust Me On This One

The change may seem small at first, but you feel like a whole new person.

Bangs Are The Change You've Needed In Your Life, Trust Me On This One
Diane Brewer

Trust me on this: if you feel like you need to change something about yourself or just want change in general, start with your hair. It's less expensive than over-hauling your closet, less work than changing your makeup routine (or starting one) and isn't actually as permanent as it may seem (depending on what you do with your hair).

For me, I started with my bangs. It started with simply feeling stagnant, and stagnation, in general, isn't good, but for me it can cause mass chaos. It doesn't take much for me to spiral into a seemingly-endless pit of self-loathing and anxiety about the future. It's a bad time for everyone.

Usually, when this happens, I can make a change in my schedule, my hobbies, my clothing, what video games I have. Recently, I've felt too overloaded to do anything for my schedule or hobbies, and since my boyfriend and I are saving up to buy a Nintendo Switch, buying anything expensive or lots of bulk that aren't in the budget is out.

I debated makeup for a bit, but I know myself: I've bought makeup before, used it a few times, then realized I don't have the time in the morning to really do what I want with it. Sure, some mornings I'll still play around with it, but it's mostly saved for interviews and fancy dates at this point.

Then I remembered that I've been wanting blue hair for a while. I knew I wouldn't be able to professionally dye it for a few months (both because it costs a lot and I currently have cheap box dye in my hair), but that didn't mean I couldn't do something else with it.

Since winter is coming, I didn't want to cut it too short.

What was left?


As I put it to my hair stylist, "If I can't make anything else in my life feel put-together, I may as well get my hair together."

While she and the other stylists that heard that thought it was humorous, she also agreed that it's a good idea to have some control over something in your life.

Let me tell you, she certainly helped me get control over my bangs. From helping me learn how to properly blow-dry my hair to showing me a dry shampoo that won't cause my scalp to dry out and irritate me, she helped me get my mess of dead skin cells doing what I want them to do.

AKA: My hair is awesome and so is my hair stylist.

If you feel like you need some change or your life (or just want something you have control over): get some bangs. They're only minimal work, make you feel like a new person and earn you a lot of compliments. Which, let's face it, we like compliments, even if we have a hard time accepting them.

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