I'm going to start this out by saying I have dated a lot of idiots. Like, a lot a lot. Each one bringing me more regret than the last. However, lately I've been dating my best friend. Not someone who became my best friend after we started dating, but someone who was the person I confided in when I went through some traumatizing instances last semester. What I didn't realize at the time, was that this friendship was going to turn into something more.

After spending every single day with someone for a month (minus around 10 days), you tend to become very fond of them. Only sometimes you get sick of spending all your time with one person. After 2 months of spending everyday with my best friend, I haven't gotten sick of him. He's turned into the person that I turn to when I'm bored, sad, happy, and everything in between.

I have been happier in the past couple months than I have in a while, and I'm not giving all the credit to a boy, I create my own happiness, but he has certainly helped. Everyone deserves someone that treats them well. Someone that knows that something's wrong just by a change in your voice, and knows that you're always hungry so don't bother saying you aren't.

I don't regret turning this friendship into a relationship, because after all the idiots I've dated, it's nice to date someone who really knows me. Who gets that yeah I'm awkward, but it's part of who I am; and the best part? He doesn't and never will try to change that. It's nice to date someone who can throw my sarcasm back at me.

Girls, the best relationship ever could be right under your nose with the guy you've "friendzoned." Guys, stop chasing after "hoes," and find a girl who will support and love you no matter what. We spend all of our time swiping right or left on Tinder, instead of talking to the people we already have in our lives, and spend time trying to pick up random people at frat parties. I don't know about you, but I would rather find someone to watch Netflix and eat Chex-Mix with at ungodly hours of the night.

So here's to my best friend - thank you.