Why You Should Date a Cross Country Runner
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Why You Should Date a Cross Country Runner

We're much more than skin and bones

Why You Should Date a Cross Country Runner
Juno Paulie Bleeker

Don't let the title deter you it's time to erase the stigma in your head. Cross Country runners aren't all that bad. Especially at the college level, not all cross country runners are the dweebs like Sue Heck and Paulie Bleeker. We can be funny, smart, strong, and (wink, wink) good looking. I'm here to give a voice to the voiceless, I'm sticking up for you cross country folks out there.

1) Cheap Dates

It's pretty well known that cross country kids aren't the big people out there. Look up pictures of Mo Farah, the best distance runner out there today, the man looks like he hasn't smelled a meal in weeks. So when dating a distance runner, you won't have to worry about picking up an expensive tab. A chicken dish, and a side salad may cost like $10 total. Don't forget how much money you'll save when they order tap water everywhere you go.

2) No Car No Problem

If any of you youngsters out there are dating someone you know the struggle of not having a ride to each other's houses. Always having to beg mom and dad to drop you off at bae's house. Well if you date a cross country runner, not having a ride isn't a problem for them. Just send them that come over text and they'll run over without hesitation. The one thing you should do though is let them use your shower, for their sake and your's please let them shower or you'll regret it.

3) Presents

I'm a guy I know the struggle of buying gifts for women. Having a mom, sister, and girlfriend have taught me buying gifts for girls is impossible. If you ask them what they want, it's always the same answer "I don't care". The biggest lie ever told. The ball is then in your court to make sure you don't mess up. You can't go wrong with running clothes, shoes, watches etc. Just remember to shoot me a thank you when Christmas rolls around.

4) Running Buddy

We all need a little gym motivation every now and then. It's always easy to workout with a friend. Let's face it running alone sucks. The best way to make running less dreadful is by running with a friend.

5) Snacking

Remember when I told you cross country dates are cheap. Well it all depends on when you plan your meal. If it is after a workout or long run you are in for some trouble if you're picking up the tab because your date is probably going to order a ton of food. The perk of this is that when they don't finish their food, your in prime snacking territory. We've all declined food, but realized we made a mistake when our significant other walks in with food. Then you have to use so sneaky ninja moves to grab some of their food from them.

I'm not saying you need to date solely cross country people, but next time one asks you on a date, just think twice before you say no.

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