Why You Should Date A Fraternity Gent
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Why You Should Date A Fraternity Gent

Why You Should Date A Fraternity Gent

Think back to some of the rumors and stereotypes you’ve heard about fraternity men before coming to college. Drinking, Sperrys, and American flags have become identifiers of frat boys. Chances are, you’ve heard a few bad things that may have tainted the way you view them. From the outside looking in, it’s difficult to understand what fraternity boys are really like. But upon joining Greek life, and truly getting to know these boys, it becomes clear that the negative stereotypes surrounding them just aren’t true. It becomes clear that these are real gentlemen.

Fraternity men are smart and kind philanthropists with incredible school spirit and an incomparable zest for life. The Greek men are leaders on and off campus. They are among some of the smartest students at CU, with each house holding an exceptional GPA that rivals the non-Greek average. Off-campus, it’s easy to find Greek men volunteering in the community. You can find them helping people with special needs, at the nursing homes, or helping with disaster relief. Aside from their intelligence and kindness, getting to know these men on a personal level reveals their charming personalities as well.

These fraternity men are true gentlemen, who love their mommas and respect women. It’s no wonder that upon hearing about a Date Dash, sorority girls scramble to ask a boy in a fraternity. Hands down, fraternity guys make the best dates because they know how to have a good time, all the while remaining respectful of your chapter and your sisters. Here’s just a few reasons why dating a fraternity gent is a smart move:

1) They’re smart. Most fraternities have a higher GPA requirement than that required by the university. By being a brother, they must hold themselves to a higher academic standard. And when it’s all said and done, the main reason we’re in college is to graduate on time with a high GPA and earn our degree.

2) They’re classy. As the old saying goes when it comes to Greek life, “From the inside looking out we cannot explain it. And from the outside looking in, you cannot understand it”. This holds true for sororities and fraternities alike. Many people who aren’t involved with Greek life make an incorrect assumption that frat boys are just like those depicted in Animal House; running around putting horses in Dean’s offices and causing mayhem on campus. But we all know that this just isn’t true. Fraternity men are truly classy gents who value the importance of etiquette, manners and first impressions.

3) Which brings me to my third point… Fraternity gentlemen are THE guys to bring home to mom and dad. When dating a frat star and making the transition from casually attending formals and Date Dashes to something more serious, it may be time to introduce him to the parents. Introducing anyone to your parents is a big step, but there is no need to be nervous when introducing your fraternity boyfriend! They are experts at making a good first impression. After all, they went through recruitment and received a bid, didn’t they?

4) They are philanthropic. As members of the Greek community, it can be easy to forget that not everyone in the world supports and works for charitable organizations. It is truly a gift when a boyfriend is philanthropic and an advocator for the common good. Whether he’s volunteering at the homeless shelter in his free time or organizing his chapter’s philanthropy, it’s always impressive when a boy is concerned with making someone else’s life better.

5) They have school spirit! At a place like the University of Colorado, it’s difficult to find a student without Buff pride. You can find the whole city of Boulder wearing black and gold on game day. But despite all the pride CU students have, fraternity boys take it to the next level. You can always find frat guys in the front rows at football and basketball games, cheering on the Buffs and leading the student section.

6) Being a member of the “girlfriend club”. You wouldn’t think that having a boyfriend would bring you more girl friends, but dating a frat guy does just that. Dating a boy in a fraternity not only includes his brothers, but it also comes with more sisters for you! Chances are, your boyfriend’s fraternity brothers will have girlfriends, and you will all bond over late-night formal cooler painting and themed Date Dash outfit planning. By dating a frat gent, you also get a whole new group of girl friends!

7) Hello, frat formal. Having a boyfriend in a fraternity guarantees you will be invited to his formal. And what girl would turn down a weekend away at a fancy resort and hotel that has already been paid for? It’s a great excuse to buy a new dress with matching heels, and a fancy dinner is included.

8) Finally, Fraternity boys are nice guys. All other perks of dating a fraternity boy aside, in the end, don’t we all just want to date a sweet guy that we can have fun with?

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