7 Reasons You Should Choose Appalachian State
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Student Life

7 Reasons You Should Choose Appalachian State

College is a big decision, but choosing App should be an easy one

7 Reasons You Should Choose Appalachian State
Madeline Shore

The weather is getting warmer, and the school year is slowly coming to a close. This means that high schoolers are in the middle of making one of the biggest decisions of their life. For me, the decision to come to Appalachian State University was easy. It's a choice I'm thankful for every single day. Here are seven reasons why you should put App '21 in your bio ASAP.

1. The constant activities

People assume that because we aren't located in the city there's nothing exciting to do. This is far from Boone's reality. There is constantly something to do that will fill your days with fun. You can go hiking, ride around the parkway, eno, snowboard, snow tube, mountain bike, jump off waterfalls and many other things. If you don't want to do anything super outdoorsy, you and some friends can always go on King Street for some shopping and a bite to eat. There's always something to do!

2. Friendly and different people

"Appalachian State is just a bunch of hippies": the stereotype that could not be more untrue. Here at App there is a wide variety of all different types of people. You are constantly meeting these individuals and learning something new. The people at Appalachian are also so kind and approachable. Every time I walk to class, I hear a "Hey! How are you?" The people here will become your family, and it's truly a blessing.

3. Professors who care

At other universities, professors may only care about their research and not truly care about their students. At App the professors are the opposite of this. All they want is for their students to be successful and to really retain the information that's being taught. There has never been a time that I felt uncomfortable approaching my professor for help. You truly feel cared for and know all they want is for you to learn.

4. Small class sizes

Huge universities will have classes with over two hundred people in it. This can be super overwhelming and make it hard to make relationships with professors. Appalachian State, for the most part, has small class sizes that allow for intimate discussions over the material being learned. This makes it very easy to stand out in a class and make relationships with professors for the future.

5. The campus is small but not too small

When walking to class, you will always bump into somebody you know. It's a very comforting feeling that around every corner is a face you know and a face you've never seen. I love being constantly surrounded by friends and strangers that I have yet to meet. Appalachian's campus is small but big enough that you can avoid certain people if needed.

6. The weather

In all honesty I almost didn't come to Appalachian because I thought the cold would be too much. But to all the people out there who hate the cold, it truly is not bad here. All you need is a good jacket, and you're good to go. The warm spring days sitting with friends outside and the hikes during the Fall make up for it. Trust me you don't want to miss the famous vibrant and colorful leaves of Boone.

7. The memories you will make here will last a lifetime

I look back on my freshman year and can't believe I considered any other school. This year I woke up at 6 in the morning to watch the sunrise on top of a mountain. I enoed with friends until 2 in the morning laughing about everything and anything. I sledded down a hill next to the dorms with thirty other freshman and then walked in the snow to get cookies. I cheered on the 'Neers as they played Miami and then ate my feelings at Macado's when they lost. All of these memories will stay with me forever, and you can make memories just like this if you decide to make App State your home.

Coming to Appalachian State University is one of the best decisions I ever made. Boone has become my home, and if you are smart and extremely lucky, someday soon it will be yours too. Choosing App will be something that you will not regret and I hope this list pushes some of you to scream App '21 from the top of a mountain.

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