Why You Should Be Going On Picnics

We don't all live in areas where the weather is ideal for a picnic all year round. However, once summer rolls around it's fair game for one. A picnic is the best last minute plan if you really don't know what to do with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family! It is so simple, yet so much fun with the right people.

I used to go on picnics all the time with my family. They would mostly be when we would go bike riding. We are all grown up now and in many different places so family picnics aren't really in the picture anymore. With that being said, if most everyone in your family is in one spot, go on some picnics! If you aren't into that kind of family stuff, invite your friends. If they think it's lame, get new friends. It is the least lame thing with the right people.

If you are on a picnic with someone and you aren't having fun, you are with the wrong person or people. The first picnic I had with my boyfriend was the time of my life. I loved sitting there drinking Caprisuns and eating Scooby Doo gummies. We even went on a picnic for our one year anniversary. I wish we would think to go on more when we're together.

Picnics don't really come to mind very often for everyone, but maybe they should. It is such an inexpensive thing. You don't need to buy any food if you have some good things at home. Sure, it might be boring eating things from your house, but driving to a park, sitting on a blanket, and eating it there makes it so much better. You can literally bring whatever your heart pleases. If you just want some McDonald's, then, by all means, get some fries from the drive-through and head to the park.

You are able to enjoy so many things on picnics. You are able to really enjoy the person you're with and enjoy all the beautiful things around you. Whatever those things may be, there is no better way to enjoy them than a picnic.

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