I first heard about Primark while I was studying abroad. A new store had just opened in Milan and one of my friends really wanted to go see it. Then, it just so happened that Primark had started opening their stores in the U.S. and one was opening less than an hour away for me. I applied and now I work there part-time!

Here are some reasons everyone should be excited that Primark is coming to the U.S.:

1. "Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices"

"Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices" is Primark's slogan and it's so true.For those who don't know what Primark is, it's an amazing clothing and home goods store originally from Ireland that sells their products for super cheap! For everyone's inner fashionista, it's great to know that you don't have to go broke to look great!

2. I mean this cute shirt for just $9?

3. This great quality and stylish bra for just $12?

4. The men's section is just as good

6. And, you know those stylish Urban Outfitter home goods that are too expensive for their own good? You can buy those for feasible prices at Primark!

You can preview more of the store's products on the store's site. However, Primark doesn't have an online store (meaning you can't order their stuff online). So, all the more reason to be excited that you can get "Amazing Fashion" at "Amazing Prices" now that Primark is coming to the U.S.!