5 Reasons You Should Adopt A Senior Dog

5 Reasons You Should Adopt A Senior Dog

Why you shouldn't overlook the older dogs when looking for the perfect furry addition to your family

Emma Claire Ellis

Adopting a senior dog might just turn out to be the best decision you could ever make, here's why!

1. They already have a personality

my 8 year old dog Monkey

Emma Claire Ellis

When adopting a puppy, they will be super playful and have all the 'puppy-like' personality traits, as they explore the world and discover what they are doing! This can be super adorable, but as the puppy grows into a dog, there is always a chance that they may develop a different personality than expected. And, if you have kids or other animals, they could act out or fight with them, causing conflict in your home. With senior dogs, they have already developed into the dog they are. They might be playful, silly, lazy, or super attached, and you can figure out what works for you before you adopt, allowing for an easier and happier transition.

2. They go at a slower pace

older pup

When life is full of fast-paced activities and constant work, having a senior dog can teach you to relax and enjoy the simple things. Senior dogs love relaxing, eating, and hanging out with their best friend- you! If you like to take things a bit slower, adopting a senior dog can prove a perfect match. Even if you do enjoy constant adventure, there could be a senior dog who can come along from the ride, while still teaching you to stop and smell the roses!

3. They love to cuddle

Emma Claire Ellis

Senior dogs are usually dealing with the effects of old age, and even if they are still totally healthy, they usually want to sleep and rest a whole lot more than puppies and younger dogs. They've seen all the playing there is to do, and they know how comfy it is to sleep and even more, cuddle. If you are looking for a dog to snuggle up with to read, watch Netflix or nap, senior dogs are a great bet. My senior dog Monkey can sleep and cuddle for hours and hours, loving every minute of it.

4. They are often overlooked

older doggos

Unfortunately, most senior dogs can easily be overlooked and forgotten. The hustle and bustle of animal shelters can tend to lead to the more outgoing and hyper dogs being seen and adopted first and most often. Senior dogs that prefer to avoid the noise, might not be considered at all. By giving them a chance, you can discover an amazing dog, and prevent them from being stuck in a cage for months on end. Take the extra time to see what a senior dog is like, and understand what they've gone through. You will find some amazing dogs who just want a loving home.

5. You are giving them a new 'leash' on life!

older dog

Many senior dogs have back stories of sadness and hardship. Maybe they were abused or abandoned. Maybe their owner passed away, or they were giving up due to unfortunate situations. Perhaps they lived as a stray for most of their life. No matter what their previous story is, you can make the entire rest of their life amazing and happy. You can give them enough love to make up for all of the hurt they have endured before. Dog's lives are too short, but by giving them a happy life for however many years you are together, you provide them a fresh, happy start.

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