Today's world is home to an immense amount of pressure to be successful.

Then at some point, somewhere it becomes muddled into what’s considered socially ‘normal’ or "acceptable." This causes a stereotype to form around what people your age are supposed to be doing, bringing on more pressure to conform. You are pressured to fit the mold of what you think others expect you to be, regardless of how you truly feel.

Now say "fuck you" to that mold.

You don’t have to be entirely sure of who you are, you just have to realize where your heart lays. Have an unrelenting belief that you may not know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing right now, but that you will figure it out regardless of what others think.

You also must never be ashamed of something you love or believe in, come to peace with that. It’s hard to remember sometimes when there are so many negative opinions out there, but not everyone has to love what you love, not everyone has to understand. If you radiate everything you enjoy it will attract people who admire those same things.

Bonds will be formed and relationships will be gained with more people than you ever would have imagined. Sharing what you're passionate about is not only healthy but it also allows others to actually see you, don't be afraid of that.

Not to mention that trying to fit in is not worth all of the stress or the sleepless nights. It’s not worth constantly wondering why you’re different from others when you should be embracing it. As long as no one's being harmed, people around you shouldn’t look down on you based upon your interests and opinions. Be those interests, share your opinions. If someone has a problem with it, that’s on them. Having a voice to reflect all that you think is such a beautiful thing, do not waste it. When you have a chance, take it and show the world.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds, I know. Trust me, I know. But with a mindset like that, what can’t you do? What will you ever be better at than being the real you? The you that you hide when you think it may be embarrassing….

The you who loves belting out Queen and then blasting Bassnectar moments later.

The you who makes the craziest facial expressions.

The you who thinks the Marvel Universe is rad.

The you who will dance anywhere at any given time, with or without music.

Well, maybe those ones are just me ;)

So, be you. Show the world what you love and all that you love will guide you to become who you are.