I was never the kind of person who enjoyed writing in middle school or high school. In fact I hated and would avoid everything that lead to it. I guess it didn't help that could not spell to save my life.

However when it came to reading it was the total opposite. I was in love with it. I would be that kid that would finish a novel in a day tops. Still to this day I could read novels all day if I could.

It was not until I started college that I realized my love for writing. I started writing blogs and then I started writing on here. I quickly fell in love with the freedom that came with writing.

I could make come up with an endless list of why I enjoy writing but I would probably bore you more than I already have. I came up with three simple of reasons why I write in hopes that it might inspire another person.

I write because I can.

Writing may not seem much to us in the United States but in other countries it's considered a privilege. We live in a country where we are guaranteed freedom of speech. We tend to overlook this simple thing in our everyday life.

I write because I want people without a voice in the world to be heard.

Not everyone in the world can express themselves a freely as we in the United States. I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing with the world. Those people are the people that need to heard.

I write because it is my passion.

My passion is more than just listicles or concert reviews. I write to show people about the love, justice and bravery there is in the world.

My biggest dream in the world is to go around the world and write stories of individuals that do not have the privilege of getting their voice to be heard. I may not be able to do much financially or physically to help people in need. However I hope to make a difference with a pen and a paper.