Most guys may not know this, but girls actually hate going to the gym. No, not because all girls are lazy, but because some have actual fears of the gym. Listed below are the top gym fears by women….

1. Having people make fun of them and laugh at them. 

Why would people laugh at them? Well that leads into the next fear…

2. Not knowing what to do. 

Most women do not know what to do at a gym other than cardio. They are afraid that if they even try to use some type of weights or machines, that people will make fun of them if they aren’t doing it right.   

3. Along with that comes the fear of trying something new and doing it wrong and hurting oneself. 

Lifting weights may not seem hard, but if you do one thing wrong, you could seriously hurt yourself.

4. The next fear is the fear of what the guys will think of them. 

If a women can’t do something right, or looks funny doing it, they think that the guys will stare at them and think they’re stupid.

5. Worse than a guy thinking your stupid is the fear of a women’s crush or even just a random hot guy seeing them look all nasty and sweaty…

And let’s not forget that a guy seeing a women’s booty crack sweat is HORRIFYING.

6. Even worse than looking nasty and sweaty in front of a hot guy, is being judged for having makeup on at the gym. 

It is pretty much a lose-lose situation. You either look nasty and sweaty, or you get judged for trying to look good by putting makeup on.

7. Finally, is having a guy stare at you like you are a piece of meat because your clothing is tight… 

Come on guys, try and control yourself a little.

    Guys... DO NOT BE THAT GUY!