Every October, BuzzFeed, and Cosmopolitan bombard me with articles that read "20 DIY Halloween Costumes" and "Sexy Halloween Costumes," and it has led me to think why Halloween has turned into an opportunity to sexualize and objectify women.

Of course, this article should not be misconstrued as a rant utilizing men or the patriarchy as a scapegoat, since the "sexy Halloween" phenomenon exists because it has the approval of both women AND men.

I wonder why every women's Halloween costume catalog features a majority of revealing clothes as if revealing clothes are what the culture demands of women during Halloween.

Why do we forget the creativity, spontaneity, and innovation that Halloween used to glorify?

As a child, I remember carefully planning my Halloween costume. I wanted to be original, and I most certainly did not want another kid in the neighborhood walking around in my costume. I remember coordinating superhero t-shirts with my friends in middle school, thinking that our idea was so clever.

Now, less than six years later, I notice a vast difference between what I and what today's middle school/ high-schoolers find "normal Halloween apparel".

Today, I see girls who wear black crop tops, jean shorts, and high-rise socks amidst the cool autumn breeze of late October, calling themselves "Cats."

I see girls who use scissors to demolish any plain white t-shirt, then splatter fake blood all over themselves, calling themselves "Zombie Girls"; should I believe them? Or should I think that the only reason they destroyed their old white t-shirt was to provide a costume that shows off their bra and whatever else is underneath?

Are there ulterior motives to implementing "sexy" Halloween costumes as the "norm" for young girls?

I wish Halloween wasn't a holiday that encouraged the sexualization of women. Instead, I think you should be that original, creative, and innovative person you strive to be. Don't let society tell you what you ought to wear on a kid's holiday.