This is for all the Netflix lovers out there. May the day come when we no longer have to defend our right to stream.

To all the haters: You want to know why we spend so much time on Netflix? No, it isn't just to slow down your internet. Our relationship goes a lot deeper.

  1. It's cheap. For $7.99 per month one can have access to a plethora of TV shows and movies, ones that quickly become your favorite. This price is much more reasonable compared to the cost of cable per month.
  2. Do you really have time for cable? What I mean by this is that we are too busy to blow $50 a month on getting to watch the VMAs. Sure, I would love to have cable in my apartment, but as an involved college student, I do not have the time to really get my use out of it. I do, however, have time to watch a twenty-minute episode of 'The Office' or 'Bob's Burgers' COMMERCIAL FREE when I eat a meal or before I go to bed.
  3. Stress. While we all love the idea a regular massages and trips to the beach, it ends up being rather costly. Let's be honest with ourselves, those of us who utilize the divine creation that is Netflix relive a lot of stress through occasional binge sessions or a viewing of our favorite episode.

  4. Social. Rainy day? Late at night? Winding down from a long day of classes but want to spend time with friends? What better way to solve this problem than a social gathering involving everyone's favorite agreed upon show. How else would we discover our next preferred series.

  5. Cultural. I bet you weren't expecting this one! There are selections from all around the world on Netflix. If you want me to be more cultured, watch my favorite French film. Sometimes our professors even make us watch Netflix.

  6. Makes movie night a lot easier. There are so many things to choose from!
  7. Something for everyone. Netflix has such a variety of material that anyone can find something they will enjoy with a little research. I understand that not everyone enjoys 'Bob's Burger's' as much as I do. Do I get it? Not really, but everyone is different. Netflix understands that.
  8. It tailors to our likes/dislikes. It knows what we watch, what we want to watch, what we should watch, and what we shouldn't watch.

  9. Sharing. Let's not forget that one Netflix account can be used on multiple devices. My whooping $8 contribution per month allows my sister, boyfriend, parents, and friends to enjoy Netflix without a cost. If you love giving, I mean, what's better than that?

  10. Family Friendly. Netflix has a lot of family friendly options, which means I can watch 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' and 'Pocahontas 2' free of judgement whenever I feel like it. I enjoy reliving my childhood in peace as I trudge along the path to adulthood.

People who disdain the idea of Netflix or consider it OK to deem it unnecessary, hopefully now you understand why it has become such a large part of our daily lives.