"I can't wait for that day to come"

It is a phrase we often say to express excitement towards an event. I can for sure say that I have said this phrase more than a couple of times. As I have gotten older, I slowly realize just how fast life flies by. Just yesterday, I was in high school dreaming of college, but now I am in college and how did this happen. I know I still have a full life ahead of me because I am only twenty, but I want it to slow down!

Soon I'll have a big girl job in the world. Of course, I am so excited for that day to be out on my own and being able to contribute my time to my career and invest in myself with knowledge and work ethic. Although, for right now, that time can wait.

I try to wake up every day and enjoy every second of it. You only get one life, so do anything and everything you want to do. Nobody is stopping you.

Take your time and don't rush things. Some people will say "I want to be married by 24, and have kids by 26"... why? There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting married and having kids then but why do we plan it out? Get married when it feels right, have kids when the time is right, and enjoy life at the moment. It doesn't matter if you ever get married or if you ever have kids. These aren't requirements to have a happy life for some people.

Slow down and have the best life you can possibly have. Every moment is so precious and you will never get them back.

And always remember,

you are never getting any younger honey.