I look back and all we had were some funny memories. Other than that, it was nothing special.

I always had to text you first. We even got in an argument about it. Our friendship was not 50/50, it was more 80/20. I had to be there for you, but when something was wrong with me you didn't care. It was always about you, about what guy you were seeing, your drama, your life, and nothing of mine was considered. My feelings were never considered when you decided multiple times not to show up at my house when you said you would, and go days without replying to my text, if you would even reply. It hurt. I gave you so many chances, yet you ruined all of them. It was enough...

All friendships end differently, and everyone copes differently. People get hurt. Letting go of a friend because they're no longer good for you hurts. They may have been good for you at one point, but then one day you realize that all they do is bring negativity into your life. Maybe they were never good for you. Realizing this was very difficult. I did not want to believe that they were no longer good for me.

You eventually just need to cut them off. Take them off your social media. Taking them off can help you part ways and not be reminded of your friendship every time you look on Instagram or see who viewed your Snapchat story. At the end of the day, holding onto the few good memories you had during your friendship never works. The bad outweighs the good. Removing them from social media, and deleting photos will help you begin to not think about it very often.

Real friends are hard to come by and everyone has struggled with it.

We will all continue to struggle with it for the rest of our lives. One thing I have learned is to realize your worth. You are not worth getting ignored, and you deserve to be cared about. Friendships go both ways, and both people have to put in equal effort. You both have to care about each other to be good friends for one another.

I have never had the long-lasting friendships that every one desires. I go through different phases in my life and my friends will come and go with those phases. It hurts, but I am learning to live with it. Losing friends can only make you stronger, and more independent in yourself. Losing friends can help you find yourself, what you don't want to be like, and how to be a better friend.