Why We All Need A Weekend Away Sometimes

The middle of the semester tends to mean a hectic schedule of exams, events, and obligations for the average college student. The constant busyness gets to be exhausting and sometimes all we need is a break from the stressful and scheduled days. There is a point when a day of simply doing nothing is not enough to recharge which means it is time for a weekend getaway.

Whether it was going to NOLA or just to Tallahassee, this weekend was the perfect time to take a much-needed trip for many students at the University of Florida. Taking a trip and getting out of our beloved Gainesville gives us all time to decompress. It gives us time away from the libraries and books and classroom that fill our daily lives. Being in a completely different environment gives our brain a distraction and helps us detach from the academic world. Weekend getaways are one of the best ways to get a break from all of that.

Once we get settled into the school routine, we become so engaged in our work that we lose track of time. We are constantly looking ahead to the next deadline and forget to leave time to breathe. Being this focused on school and other responsibilities one hundred percent of the time is exhausting and often times when you feel like you have run yourself down, it is a better choice to reward yourself for your hard work and give yourself some time off.

Mini vacations let you come back mentally rejuvenated so that you can finish the semester strong. Everyone needs a little fun in their life and vacations are a perfect way of reminding yourself that it is okay to relax and let loose. They remind you that a weekend with friends with the sole focus being personal enjoyment will not get you off track. They motivate you to get your work done so you can enjoy your time off. They remind you why you work so hard in the first place. They show you that play is just as important as work.

We all need a little time for ourselves every once in a while. Whether you choose to spend it partying with friends or relaxing at the beach, remember to schedule in time during each semester for a weekend getaway.

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