If You're A Guy And You're Freaked Out About Period Sex, Get Over It
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If You're A Guy And You're Freaked Out About Period Sex, Get Over It

Blood is blood.

If You're A Guy And You're Freaked Out About Period Sex, Get Over It

I once had a man tell me that women have periods so the men can be focused on and pleased that week.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

I have cramps. I’m bloated. I’m happy, sad, angry, irritated, and aroused all in a matter of 5 minutes. Sorry If I don’t feel like pleasing you while I suffer?

Not only do you have the audacity to assume I owe you something, but you feel like having sex with a woman on their period is gross? A little blood freaks you out buddy? My gosh, I hope you never brush your teeth too hard or scrape your knee.

We ALL bleed at some point, we just learn to wipe it off and keep going.

“No it’s different...that blood is coming out of your...vagina.”


No, you don’t say. I had no idea that the thousands of dollars I’ll spend on tampons for the rest of my life was for blood coming out, I thought it was just there to fill me up when YOU WON’T.

All joking aside, come on. Grow a pair. Chances are, women prefer to have sex with you more when they’re on their period, than they do any other day. Our hormones are bouncing all over the place, along with our estrogen acting all kinds of screwed up. Girl’s get horny too. It’s nothing we can change nor want to.

I personally like feeling overly aroused. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because I’m human.

Sex is a natural thing and so are periods.

Can you imagine a girl telling you she won’t have sex with you because something your body does naturally-disgusts her? Not only do you start to feel ashamed, you begin to resent your body for doing things it has to do to SURVIVE. And on top of that even, you become turned off. I don’t know about you but if a guy would make a comment about myself or my body, it doesn’t exactly make me want to jump into bed with him when I’m off my girl time.

It’s a really explicit thing talking about sex and periods. They’re two things we’re hushed about as if talking about them makes us bad. It makes us normal, and I’m okay with speaking about these subjects.

We have to come to the realization at some point, that I like sex, you like sex, men like sex, women like sex, WE ALL LIKE SEX.

Periods or not. Have a towel on standby, along with some heated pads for after we rock your world. And chances are, we’ll love you all over again after our periods too.

I don’t want to feel like I’m a burden when I have my period, especially to someone I care for. That’s why you-the male population-needs to make sure to comfort us if we’re feeling insecure about it. Just reassure us, accept it, and let’s get it on. Sex is normal...

I’ve been with the guy who was disgusted by period blood and sex mixed into one, and now I’m with the guy who isn’t. I can assure you that one of the two is a lot more manly to me...(in and out of bed).

Do the world a favor-well do us girls a favor—get over it.

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