Why There is No True Definition of Beauty

How come we always look at beauty from the outside and never dig deep enough to understand the true definition, the core meaning? We start by looking at the face and we if we like that we move on to the rest of the body. Since when did that explain beauty? Do you ever wonder why the divorce rate in the United States is up to 50 percent? Does it have to do anything with our concept and understanding of "beauty"?

We rate the beauty of a person by how they look but that doesn't make sense. A persons beautiful face isn't something that they've earned it was given to them. They did nothing at all to achieve it. On the other hand a good personality is something that they've worked for. To be a decent, good person who has morals takes effort, especially in this society. Yet we fail to understand that beauty shouldn't be judged by someone's looks but by who they are. That's really cliche I know. I'm not saying that it's wrong to think someone's beautiful just by looking at their face. I'm just saying that there's so much more to beauty. A person who has a beautiful face doesn't mean they are a beautiful person and that's what lots of people fail to realize.

The real question is what makes a beautiful person. Is it the nice body and pretty face? Is the expensive clothes or fashionable look? Well the answer is no, that's not beauty. All that stuff is just part of infatuation. It's a desire to give beauty an easy definition. Nowadays we consider a supermodel hot and beautiful while she gets drunk away as the night goes on. We consider a young brilliant boy/girl boring and a waste of “fun time”. We want a beautiful person to be the one who is exciting and adventures and doesn't give crap about what they do.

In reality beauty should be determined by someone's morals and understandings; not by their muscles and good looks. We fail to understand the meaning of beauty and instead replace the definition of beauty with temptations and lust. To be completely honest, I don't even know the true definition of beauty because I'm blinded by the definition that society gives it. Throughout this whole article I kept talking about the true definition of beauty but that's what makes me fail to understand beauty. The thing is beauty has no definition. Beauty is a person. Beauty is a soul. Beauty is a heart. Beauty has no definition at all. Beauty is what it is. Defining beauty is like asking why the sky is blue and not pink; no one knows the answer for sure.

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