Why "The Captain" Will Become "Manager" For The Mets In 2018
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Why "The Captain" Will Become "Manager" For The Mets In 2018

Wright is right

Why "The Captain" Will Become "Manager" For The Mets In 2018
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The New York Mets are 12 games under .500 and are 12 games back of the nearest playoff spot; it's not our year, and most Mets fans have accepted that. Recent trades of impending free agents Jay Bruce, Neil Walker, and Addison Reed has the Mets hitting the rest button for the rest of this season and a push toward the future. One important change that will need to be made in the off season, is management positions.

Terry Collins, current manager of the Mets, essentially announced his retirement prior to this season, leaving a wide open spot at manager. No name necessarily stands out as his replacement, although the most prominent being Wally Backman, until he and current general manager Sandy Alderson had a falling out, resulting in the resignation of the former Las Vegas 51's (Mets AAA Affiliate) manager. With no clear direction on who will manage the Mets for the foreseeable future, maybe it is time for the Mets to look at an unusual in house option. That brings us to David Wright.

David Wright, who is set to be 35 by the time next season rolls around, has not played for the Mets consistently since signing an 8 year, $138 million dollar contract during the winter of 2013 with the aforementioned Mets. To be specific, over the four seasons since signing the contract, he has played in 312 of a possible 648 games. Even more disappointing, 246 of the 312 games he has played were during the first two years of his contract, leaving only 66 games played between that last two seasons.

David, who in April of 2015, was sidelined by a seemingly harmless injury to his hamstring, but under further evaluation, the next day it was established that he had Spinal Stenosis. Spinal Stenosis, although highly treatable, affects the lower back, and neck, weakening muscles, making it extremely difficult to do light physical activity, never mind play baseball. Since then, he has continued to be sidelined with neck and back issues, with the latest injury being a herniated disc in David's neck found during last season, causing him to miss the rest of that season. His return was planned for this season, even being placed as the starting third basemen, until prior to this season David had another problem with his neck, this time being Cervical Disc Herniation. These reasons, along with nearly $50 million dollars still owed to "The Captain" the Mets should be open to having David perform in a more meaningful, money saving, team rejuvenating capacity. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to make a switch from "The Captain" to "Manager".

Yes, it is possible he can come back from these injuries, but the guarantee that David will be close to the same player he once was is asking way too much. And for a Mets team who's window to win is now, do they really need the distraction? The St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins showed with now managers Mike Matheny, and Don Mattingly, that former players can perform as just as excellent on the bench as they did on the field. "The Captain" clearly has the ability to lead, and be a productive part of this team even if he isn't playing at third base.

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