Why Snapchat Is Superior To Text Messaging

Why Snapchat Is Superior To Text Messaging

No, it isn't because of the snap streaks.

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There are those of us who live for texting our friends; heads stuck in our phones and fingers moving ferociously amongst the keys, we sit and answer a text message from anyone the minute the ringer goes off. There are those of us who despise text messaging and often resort to other means of communication, like Snapchat, to keep in contact with our friends. You are able to see the emotion in response to something that you have sent, which, for some, is more appealing; however, for others, it’s a struggle as to whether you are going to send a message where you have to gauge a person’s reaction or visibly see it within the image. Snapchat is, in fact, superior to texting in today’s day in age.

The chances of a miscommunication occurring over a text message is simply unavoidableyou cannot read the sarcasm that the person is attempting to convey or the message that they are attempting to relay during an argument. Over a Snapchat, however, you are able to read the person’s emotion in their face, instantly assuring you that they meant for their answer to be perceived as sarcastic or illegitimate. You have the ability to discuss a wide array of things over a Snapchat, as well; you can chat them with the messaging capabilities that it has and save them if you are in a quest to talk to the person, or you can answer by typing over the picture of your face to show the person your true feelings in regards to the matter that you are talking about.

That’s why, if I could avoid texting at any cost, I will. A Snapchat gives you the same powers as a text message, with the simple advantage of being able to see the person’s reaction and avoid any miscommunications that could ensue. Yes, the snap streaks are, of course, an advantage to the app, but dodging an argument with some of the most important people in your lives definitely takes the prize as the reasons why Snapchat is, and will continue to be, superior to texting.

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