We’ve all heard the expression “School comes first.” This is true, but even before school comes sleep. Sleep is essential to your everyday life. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to function. Sometimes sleep takes the back seat to homework or hanging with friends. I sometimes even procrastinate going to sleep, because it’s hard to wind down at night. My bedtime in high school was 10 p.m. At college, I’m lucky if I’m in bed before three. Like you, I need to make sleep a priority! Sleep is essential because:

You are more motivated.

When you go to bed at a reasonable time, you wake up the next morning with more energy. This energy will give you fuel throughout the day. Forget morning coffee, with a good eight hours of sleep, you don’t have to rely on caffeine. With this drive, you can give your tasks and responsibilities 100% throughout the whole day.

You are more productive with sleep.

The sooner you get into bed, the earlier your body will feel rested and cause you to wake up. Waking up earlier will give you more time in a day. You can make it to the dining hall before lunchtime. You won’t miss breakfast being served. Also, you can have more time in the morning to complete homework before class instead of rushing around and fitting it in your schedule throughout your busy day.

You are in a better mood after a good night’s rest.

The same way a rainy day puts you in a gloomy mood, lack of sleep does this too. I know when I’m tired I feel irritable, and all I want to do is go back to my dorm. As a result, this makes you less social and friendly. When you’re feeling wide-awake, you are happier. Increase your mood by getting more rest.

You look better after sleeping well.

When you’re tired, you can usually tell. Your eyes are puffy, red, and have dark circles. Your skin isn’t as fresh, and usually you don’t have the strength to look presentable. Spending a little extra time to do your makeup or hair and picking out a nice outfit makes all the difference in the world. You will be able to walk around campus with your head held high, looking and sounding like a rock star.

You feel better.

You know the feeling after an amazing slumber? You’ve had a few dreams you can remember, and you wake up with a stretch and a sigh. You roll over with a smile and are ready to start your day. Imagine waking up like this all the time. It will change your entire attitude, starting your day right everyday.

My advice is to get your work done, don’t procrastinate, manage your time, and say “no” to going out sometimes. After all, you’re health is top priority. Once you start to do these things, you will feel and look a lot better. Good luck!