Of my four siblings, I have a sister named Rebekah. She is both the eldest child and there is about 12 years between her birthday and mine. Not only is she a great role model, but she is fun, caring, and never judgmental. These are the top five reasons why your older sister is your best friend:

1. She's seen it all

You older sister has undoubtedly experienced and seen much more of the world than you. She has literally faced heartbreak, loss, and regrets and yet her main goal is to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Whether its relationship advice or conversations about how to take out a school loan, she’s been there. She can help you cope with the fact that life isn't simple. At the same time, she can also tell you how she funded that summer trip to France. Ultimately, your older sister has lots of valuable insight-just ask!

2. She has lived with your mother

Do I need to say more? Your older sister has had to deal with the craziness of your family, too. She can help you to survive this since she has been through the holidays, birthdays, and chaotic events that surround your family daily.

3. She has impeccable fashion sense

If your older sister grew up in the early 80's and 90's, you may know that her fashion sense probably wasn't stellar then. But it has majorly evolved and she is now the epitome of beauty and sophistication (take notes). She has an eye for pretty things and always gets the best deals.

4. She practically lets you live at her home

Honestly, this is such a nice thing about having an older sister. If she doesn't live too far away, then you have the option of visiting her. She understand the need to escape reality for a little while and will never turn you away; her home is always open. Even when she's married and it is inconvenient for her younger sister to stay for days at a time. Even when her pantry and fridge desperately need to be restocked. Her beautiful, cozy home is your home.

5. She is there

Your older sister is always there to tell you like it is and never sugarcoats anything. She will always do her best to help you where she can if you let her. This is something sacred and shared between sisters.

You both like many of the same things and share many features. But even when everyone tells you that you both look alike, you still don’t believe it. In some ways you both are total opposites. For example, she’s a terrible driver. She hates dogs (the horror). She hates your ear piercings (secretly because your dad would never allow her to get them but he made the exception for you). Ultimately, she is your #1 supporter and always just a phone call away. This is why your older sister is your best friend.

{My lovely sister and I}