Why Siggy Flicker Inspires Me
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Why Siggy Flicker Inspires Me

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star may be "too much," but she's doing something right.

Why Siggy Flicker Inspires Me

Ah, Siggy Flicker. It's hard to imagine RHONJ without her. She brings so much energy and charisma to the show, and it's all positive. Every time I watch an episode I look forward to hearing what she has to say because I feel as if I have my own personal motivational speaker speaking to me from the TV. What does Siggy say that isn't true?

It is no surprise why Siggy is such a phenomenal relationship expert. She, herself, went through her own share of dissapointment when it came to love and relationships. But just as she preaches, she created the love life she knew she deserved.

Siggy is all about empowering one another and raising all the New Jersey cast members up, without drama and back stabbing. If you have never watched the RHONJ or read any of Siggy's blogs/books, below are just a few reasons why we all need to be a little more like Siggy.

1. She understands broken relationships are hard to repair, but timing can make what was once impossible, possible.

This does not just pertain to romantic relationships, but relationships with friends and family. All kinds of relationships go through difficult times and sometimes they just hit a place where all is left is hopelessness. And when a relationship is so broken, one or two of the parties may wish to desperately heal it. But sometimes that just does not work out (temporarily or permanently). When it comes to figuring out if any relationship should be saved or not, Siggy states in one of her Bravo blogs, "Is it worth it to you to put in effort?" Maybe not at the moment, but you never know what could happen in the future.

2. She always says exactly how she is feeling.

She's loud and opinionated, and you will never have to guess how she is feeling/what she is thinking. But even though Siggy has the tendency to tell it like it is, she still has respect for others and opinions that differ from her's. Not everyone is going to agree all the time, even on the most sensitive topics, and to be completely okay with that is a must (and a gift).

3. She believes phones should not be in constant use 24/7.

If you've watched RHONJ, you can then recall multiple episodes where Siggy is yelling at her daughter and son (Sophie and Josh) for using their phones, especially at the dinner table. My parents tell me this too, and although it's sometimes hard to disconnect from social media/texting, I realize when I do, my entire mind switches to being in completely in the present. Without your phone or any electronics, you're able to engage more with others and not miss out on moments that you will look back upon with a smile.

4. When her friends are going through difficult times, she knows actions count more than words.

It's very easy to text someone, "I'm sorry for your loss" or "I hope you're doing okay." And yes, even though kind texts can brighten someone's gloomy day, actually doing something will have more of an effect. Think about it. When was the last time you were having a bad time/day? Chances are, one of your friends did a small gesture that still makes you say awwww to this day.

Dolores, one of Siggy's friends on the show, lost her dog. This dog meant the world to Dolores and Siggy could have simply texted her, sending her condolences. But instead, she brought flowers to Dolores's house and laid in bed with her while she cried. Since words can't always mend or calm someone's pain, a small act of kindness really goes a long way.

5. She bets on herself.

How do I know this? Besides retweet a picture of a Beyonce quote that says this, I know this because Siggy practice what she preaches. She is one to believe that really anything is possible. As I mentioned before, she went through her own divorce from a man she loved. It wasn't easy to get to the place she was today. But she was determined to have the divorce go as smoothly as possible for her children, and what she wished for happened.

Today, Siggy is best friends with her ex-husband, played match-maker for her ex-husband, and married the man of her dreams. Not everything is going to go perfectly, but if you envision it and really make an effort, you might just be surprised.

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