5 Reasons Why You Should Eavesdrop

5 Reasons Why You Should Eavesdrop

Listening to other people's conversations can do quite a bit for you.

Your mother probably told you that eavesdropping on people was rude. And she wasn’t wrong, it is rude. But as you get older, you learn that eavesdropping is actually pretty great and that you get something out of it. Here are some reasons why you should eavesdrop (especially in restaurants).

1. It’s funny.

Eavesdropping can be pretty hilarious. Especially when you start listening in the middle of a conversation and have no idea what’s actually happening, so you just create your own scenario.

2. You learn new things.

You don’t know if a conversation has potential to further your life’s education unless you listen. Plus, if you can learn weird things about people to blackmail them with later. And that's always fun.

3. You learn new words!

Sometimes people use words that you won’t fully understand, which means that you have to look them up to figure out the rest of the conversation. The more words you look up, the more definitions you learn. And those words can be further applied to school.

4. You can show off your skills.

This mainly applies to listening to people talk about you in a language they think you don’t understand. The look of shock on their faces can be rather pleasurable when you tell them that you understood every word.

5. It provides material for art.

Listening to people have conversations with others can provide great material for writing, especially writing dialogue. And if you somehow manage to learn some deep dark secrets about people, you can paint the dark struggles that they go through in daily life.

Regardless of what your reasoning is, go ahead and eavesdrop on people. It is a rude thing to do, but sometimes fun things have to be improper. Maybe don’t make it obvious, though, because that irritates people. But you never know what you’re going to hear.

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Michael Scott's Doppelgänger Found On Friends University Campus

Dr. Simmons is the REAL Michael Scott.

I am fortunate enough to attend Hogwarts (aka Friends University), but that's not the best part of this University; the professors are!

As students, we've had our fair share of professors that have given us headaches, but Microbiology with Dr. John Simmons was not like that at all. Learning about how to avoid social interactions because of microbes has never been as fun as with Dr. S.

Sometimes during a lecture, he would freestyle rap about how hot Emma Watson is (I have actual footage of this,) just as Michael Scott made a whole rap inviting the Stamford branch to Scranton.

Also, you get a large amount of random yet, hilarious jokes.

It took him the better part of a semester to learn my name (Arleth) and I got called a few other names, which is just like when Michael Scott would call Pam different names. Classes with Dr. Simmons are great because you learn and you get an actual comedian for the class, and the best part is that if you put in the effort you can easily pass a class; it is fun and simple.

Now that you know how much Dr. Simmons and Michael Scott are alike personality-wise, let's look at how much they look alike physically.

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Anyway, as you can see, not only do you get hilarious jokes, but you also get Steve Carrel's doppelganger. This quirky science professor is great, and if he likes your class as much as he did his microbiology class, then you're going to have a great semester. Also, special thanks to Dr. Simmons for giving me permission to write this article about him, see ya next semester!

Cover Image Credit: Youtube | The Office

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16 Tells You're Criminally Obsessed With True Crime, Guilty As Charged

Yeah, your search history is incriminating.

Some people's obsessions are normal: Online shopping, or that new Netflix show. But some people's obsessions are a little less normal and a little more morbid. If you have ever considered yourself a true crime addict, you and your search history will relate.

1. You always know which story Law & Order: SVU "ripped from the headlines"

Duh, mom, this episode is about Gypsy Rose Blanchard, this is so obvious.

2. You have a very strong stance on famous, unsolved cases

I trust that Burke killed Jon Benét more than I trust what my own name is.

3. You are pretty much constantly paranoid

"That guy drives a van? Yeah, he's killed someone."

4. You may or may not have a favorite serial killer or favorite case

Yeah, its weird but Ed Gein is just so interesting.

5. You're careful who you tell your obsession to because it makes you sound creepy

Finding another true-crime lover is wonderful because you can share the articles and documentaries you find without them thinking that you are terrifying.

6. Don't even get me started on cults

"American Horror Story Cult" was not only entertaining but led to a month-long cult obsession, Googling everything you could about every single cult that's ever existed, ever.

7. You could win a trivia contest on prolific killers

Information about Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy is constantly readily available in your brain.

8. The People true crime feature magazines are your favorite literary materials

It's always information you already know, and it's always information you're ready to read again.

9. You'd be pissed if you got jury duty for something like a traffic violation

Your dream is basically to serve as a juror for a super crazy case. Scranton Strangler, anyone?

10. Curling up with a horror book or a Creepy Catalog article is how you unwind

Sure, sometimes you have to throw on a comedy show after because you know you'll have nightmares, but it is worth it for some good pre-bed scares.

11. "My Favorite Murder" is your favorite entertainment

Some people run to music, others run to murder podcasts.

12. Your search history could make you look like you're a killer

As soon as you learn about a new case, you start on Wikipedia and go from there. Leading to about 47 pages of information about Albert Fish.

13. True Movie Thursday was the greatest thing to ever happen on TV

And, of course, then you spent the next 2 hours after it was over learning about the real case.

14. You're convinced you're going to solve a cold case

Sure, nobody has solved the Zodiac Killer YET but *I* haven't dedicated enough time to solve it.

15. Rigor Mortis and Modus Operandi are just parts of your vocabulary at this point

Words the layperson would not even recognize as English are easily defined in your world.

16. Despite your search history, you're a very normal person

You're a totally sane person who wouldn't hurt a fly... Unless they faked an injury to try to lure you into their car, TED.

Cover Image Credit: Crime Watch Daily

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