Why I Recommend A College Student Be A Part-Time Nanny
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Why I Recommend A College Student Be A Part-Time Nanny

Because it is definitely better than any other job I've had while in college.

Why I Recommend A College Student Be A Part-Time Nanny
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When college students need to consider getting a part-time job, they usually settle for retail or cashier jobs. Schedules are formed in a relatively flexible arrangement to coexist with a college student's class schedule, and most bosses are understanding that a majority of their employees are full-time students. However, I think there is one great job opportunity that most students don't consider: a part-time nannying/babysitting job is way too underrated.

When making my class schedule for my second semester as a freshman, I had in mind already that I wanted to complete all fifteen of my credits by two o'clock in the afternoon. By completing all my classes before two in the afternoon, I left a flexible slot of time for any part-time job of my choosing. When I was in search for a job after all my classes were set-in-stone, my cousin, who is also a full-time college student, recommended I fill out a profile on Care.com and search for a part-time nannying job. She said lots of parents need babysitters for their children during the weekdays right after school. And these babysitting jobs usually pay upwards from fifteen dollars an hour. She continued to speak on how much she enjoyed having an influence on the kids she watches and how non-extraneous the job is after a long day of school.

I made my profile, sent out my application on several different job postings in my area, and had two interviews lined up for the following week. I chose between two different families and eventually picked to watch the kids of the family closer to my school.

I absolutely love my job. Every weekday I finish my classes by 2:20 p.m. and am picking up the eldest daughter of the family at 3:00 p.m. I then only work until 6:30 p.m. until the parents return home from work. Now having steadily worked with my three kids for about three months, I have fallen in love with each of their personality, enjoy seeing them everyday, and have learned many lessons. What follows is all the amazing benefits of working a part-time nanny as a college student and why I recommend all those who need a part-time job to consider.

1. Easy hours.

Although scheduled times may vary from mine, I work every week day from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. For only three and a half hours, I have to entertain my three entirely unique children. Some days I spend sitting on the couch and others I spend watching them play outside and joining in on the fun. Ultimately, I am the boss of these children and whatever I say goes. After work I return to my dorm and study or do homework until I prepare for bed around 10:30 p.m. It's easy and having a set schedule every week day makes my anxiety level much lower than it would be with wondering when I am going to work every week.

2. Good pay.

Part-time nannying jobs pay upwards from $15 an hour. When I was applying for positions on Care.com, all of the listing stated pay as "$15+." Obviously, payment can easily be negotiated under certain conditions, like more kids, more tasks to complete for the kids during your job time, or child disabilities. I only work 3.5 hours a week and get paid $262 every Thursday. And that's almost $300 I did not have before.

3. An opportunity to complete homework and get paid for it.

Being a college student is a lot of work. Between studying for exams, completing homework assignments or essays, a good amount of time is needed in advance to maintain a good grades. Since being a nanny doesn't require constant attentiveness, there are many opportunities to complete school related tasks.

4. Having an influence

Last weekend the eldest daughter of the children I nanny came home extremely flustered about an argument she had with a good friend at school. I honestly did not think I would be able to make her stop crying. And after she finally succumbed to my pleas for her to trust me, she poured her heart out and then listened to my advice. I told her she would not get suspended from school over something "accidental" and silly. Second, her friends actions toward her do not define her. She must kill everyone she meets with kindness, and let know when bring her down. She eventually stopped crying and hugged me. I had never felt such relief and happiness. I felt my purpose on her life and her confiding in me made me feel like a better person.

With proof of my experience being a great one thus far, I recommend all college student follow suit, help parents out, and get a job as a part-time nanny. Care.com is a great outlet to be exposed to job offerings and easy as pie to contact the employer. I enjoy my experience tremendously and love all the things about it being a great job! Good luck!

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